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Clara's War: One Girl's Story of Survival

This heart-stopping story of a young girl hiding from the Nazis is based on Clara Kramer's diary of her years surviving in an underground bunker with seventeen other people. Clara Kramer was a typical Polish-Jewish teenager from a small town at the outbreak of the Second World War. When the Germans invaded, Clara's family was taken in by the Becks, a Volksdeutsche (ethnically German) family from their town. Mrs. Beck worked as Clara's family's housekeeper. Mr. Beck was known to be an alcoholic, a womanizer, and a vocal anti-Semite. But on hearing that Jewish families were being led into the woods and shot, Beck sheltered the Kramers and two other Jewish families. Eighteen people in all lived in a bunker dug out of the Becks' basement. Fifteen-year-old Clara kept a diary during the twenty terrifying months she spent in hiding, writing down details of their unpredictable lifefrom the house's catching fire to Mr. Beck's affair with Clara's neighbor; from the nightly SS drinking sessions in the room above to the small pleasure of a shared Christmas carp. Against all odds, Clara lived to tell her story, and her diary is now part of the permanent col-lection of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. ...

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Clara's War: One Girl's Story of Survival Reviews

  • Karen

    Like reading Diary of Anne Frank, except they survive. This is a page turning tale of stupefying cruelty and deadly indifference set in Poland, where first the Russians, then the Germans, and then the Russians again after the War, terrorized the Polish, Jews and non-Jews alike. It is unfathomable to me that 18 people lived in a dug out hole under a house for two years, surviving only because of the goodness of a drunk, wife-beating Polish man. Since I've read this, I've been embarrassed about th ...more

  • Becki

    Really enjoyed this book. A different perspective than being in a concentration camp - but still being held prisoner. I have actually never read The Diary of Anne Frank but this diary was very good.

  • Akari T

    After reading Anne Frank's diary and learning about the Holocaust from a few other sources, I thought I'd gotten the whole picture. Oh boy, was I wrong! Clara Kramer (previously Schwarz) opened my eyes to another world far more dismal than Anne's. But who am I to compare these situations? No one can accurately describe the pain Holocaust victims and survivors felt other than themselves. However, I can say that Ms. Kramer allowed me to experience a fraction of that pain through her extremely deta ...more

  • Serena | TheBookUnicorns

    This was, as all holocaust stories are, a very sad book. So many lives cut short, and so much hatred and cold-blooded killing. The fact that this was real makes it so much harder.

    Clara's War follows the life of a Polish Jewish teenager, Clara Schwarz (now Kramer), during the Holocaust. She survives with her family because of the bravery and generosity of the Becks, a family who hid them during the course of the war in a bunker underneath their house. During this, Clara records everything in her


    For some reason I am somewhat addicted to WWII survival stories and loved this one. Clara Kramer, a young teen at the time, kept diaries during their time in "the bunker" and this memoir is based upon those diaries and her recollections. Clara, her family and eventually 3 other families spent more than 18 months living in a crawl space under the home of a "righteous Christian family." This righteous Christian man was also a self proclaimed anti-Semite, a drunkard, and a philanderer who selects o ...more

  • Digna Cassens

    A real life horror from a child’s experience

    This book was absorbing, sad and most horrible, true. Each character comes alive and the terrors suffered became real while reading it.

  • Lisa Vegan

    I loved this book. It was an amazing account of this woman, her family, her community, and what happened during the Holocaust in her area.

    At the beginning of the book is a family free and a floor plan of the hiding place. Both were very helpful and I frequently referred to both of them. There were a few pages in a bunch more toward the back of the book than the front of black and white photos of Clara, and some of the people important in her life. I wish there had been more but appreciated the o

  • Correen

    There were 5000 Jews in Zolkiew, Poland before WWII and just 50 survivors afterwards. Of those, all soon left because of pogroms and discrimination.

    Clara and her family were among 18 persons who spent up to 18 months in a small bunker under the home of a very brave German spy who worked for the local police and withstood unspeakable odds to keep his charges safe. Clara documented this experience in a diary, now in the U.S. Holocaust Museum. This book is written from her diaries and interviews w