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Running with Scissors

The true story of an outlaw childhood where rules were unheard of, the Christmas tree stayed up all year round, Valium was consumed like candy, and if things got dull an electroshock-therapy machine could provide entertainment.Running with Scissors is the true story of a boy whose mother (a poet with delusions of Anne Sexton) gave him away to be raised by her unorthodox psychiatrist who bore a striking resemblance to Santa Claus. So at the age of twelve, Burroughs found himself amidst Victorian squalor living with the doctors bizarre family, and befriending a pedophile who resided in the backyard shed. The story of an outlaw childhood where rules were unheard of, and the Christmas tree stayed up all year round, where Valium was consumed like candy, and if things got dull an electroshock- therapy machine could provide entertainment. The funny, harrowing and bestselling account of an ordinary boys survival under the most extraordinary circumstances....

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Running With Scissors Are your shoulders bent with the misery of knowing everything you think you own doesn t really belong to you Do you worry it might take years of hard labour to pay Running with Scissors Wikipedia Running with Scissors may refer to Running with Scissors, a book by Augusten Burroughs Running with Scissors, a film based on Augusten Burroughs memoir Running with Scissors memoir Wikipedia Running with Scissors is a memoir by American writer Augusten Burroughs The book tells the story of Burroughs s bizarre childhood life after his mother, a chain Running with Scissors IMDb Running with Scissors takes you inside the memories of Augusten, an endearing kid growing up under the roof of a dysfunctional household only to find himself uprooted th Anniversary Collector s Edition Running With Scissors Running With Scissors SM, POSTAL , Postal Babes TM, Champ TM and Krotchy TM Are Trademarks and Service Marks of RWS, Inc. Running With Scissors Rotten Tomatoes This is a son s story of a bipolar poet mother with delusions of grandeur who falls into the care of an unorthodox psychiatrist. Running With Scissors Patio Lantern Fixtures One of the hard things is knowing our kids are too young to remember their Grandpa But hopefully we can talk about him enough they feel like they know him and he Running With Scissors Ugly Christmas Sweater Maternity But being pregnant kind of threw a twist in finding a thrift store Christmas Sweater, so I just bought a men s huge sweater and added some ugly dorkiness to it. Running With Spoons because you can t eat with scissors Happy thinkingoutloud Thursday No idea what I m going on about Click here So I almost didn t even realize that today was Thursday Actually, I almost didn Scissors Hair Studio, Ottawa Scissors Hair Studios in Ottawa Life is too short for boring hair Looking For A Hair Stylist

Running with Scissors Reviews

  • Paula

    Alternatve Title: Stabbing Yourself with Scissors

    I've always looked at this book, picked it up, and put it back down. I was wary because it seemed like something Sedaris would write, and I really hate Sedaris. Also, look at the cover. Always judge books by covers! It's in sepia-uh oh, you know it's a memoir. And he's got a box on his head-he must be crazy! Still, I'd heard people liked it, so when I came across it in my local used bookstore, I thought I'd give it a try.

    I got through 20 pages. Ma

  • Alex Templeton

    I was interested in reading this after getting hints of the story in Burroughs' brother's memoir "Look Me in the Eye". My honest reaction? This book made me deeply uncomfortable. Oh, I kept reading it, the same way I and everyone else would keep eyeballing a car accident, as the old cliché goes. But there was a part of me that honestly couldn't believe that all of this stuff was real. And if it was, how could Burroughs write about it almost as if it was a years-long romp? (I know I go against al ...more

  • Luís C.

    In his diary, the young Augusten a little gay and very stuck tells his arrival in the mad house Finch, that of his mother's psychologist and just as crazy!

    Burroughs is certainly good at writing American series scripts with humor and imagination ... It's nice but I regret that this factory with heavy gags erases all the sensitivity of the first part.

    (You will see everything you can imagine worse in a psychiatric hospital, boring kids on the carpet, scraping dandruff, ... and he outbid with blowjo

  • Bill

    I won this copy of Running with Scissors in a Goodreads Giveaway. This is my fair and honest review!

    2.5/5.0 Stars

    Okay I’ve procrastinated long enough on this one. I really, really wanted to love this book but, despite all the rave reviews and critical acclaim, I just didn’t feel it. Please don’t hate me all you Augusten Burroughs fans out there. This book confused the heck out of me and I simply could not get past the pedophilia.

    Confused? You bet! This is a memoir about some pretty serious and

  • Pixie

    I quit reading this book halfway through. Like I read in another review, he's a bit of a David Sedaris wannabe. There's sort of a dark, absurd humor going on. I think he thinks he's being "light" by treating the subject matter "lightly," and sometimes it works. (I actually love David Sedaris, by the way, but I prefer listening to him over reading him.). As opposed to Mr. Sedaris, this guy gets really vulgar, offensive, and disgusting. It's all in the name of "art" I suppose, but I'm pretty toler ...more

  • Carmen

    Burroughs is a good author, but this book made me sick to my stomach.

    This book is about Burroughs childhood. He lives with his crazy mother and alcoholic father until he's ten. Then his mom moves him in with her crazy psychologist. They live in squalor.

    I can't even describe to you all the horrible things that go on in this book. A lot of pedophilia. When Burroughs is 13 his 33-year-old stepbrother starts having sex with him. His step-sister, Natalie, gives her first blowjob at age 11 and is sol

  • Annalisa

    This book is supposed to be funny?! I kept waiting for the amusement as I waded through increasingly appalling characters that were not likable, interesting, or remotely relatable. Crazy and abusive is not quirky and lovable. Well I suppose there is a way to write it that way, but this is written with a tinge of bitterness. What is so amusing about royally screwing up a child's life?

    Between books I'd try to get back into this story that was ok but not good enough to grab my attention. But it's a

  • J.G. Keely

    Boring Prose sprinkled with the kind of sensationalism that can only come from a man with the hubris to change his name from Chris Robinson to Augusten Xon Burroughs.

    I wanted this to be a one-sentence review, because that's all it deserves, but I just can't: XON!!!??? FUCKING XON!!!???? WHERE IS MY GODDAMN INTERROBANG!!!!????? JUST CALL YOURSELF XENU FOR SHIT'S SAKE. CHRISTING FUCKBELLY TURDSQUABBLE.