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Just Be You

(This is a previously-published edition of ASIN B07FG1T414.) When Scott Cohen got word that hed been nominated for a Grammy, he wondered if the universe was playing some cruel trick on him. Of all the songs hed written, why did it have to be that song? Over ten years had passed since hed written the song and even more since Scott had become obsessed with Marshall Donavan, his brothers best friend. It didnt matter that Scott hadnt seen Marshall in years. Nor did it matter that Marshall never belonged to him or even that Marshall was straight. Scott never managed to stop thinking about him. When Scott got a call from his manager asking him to submit a song for a movie and a call from his brother Abe informing him of Marshalls engagement to Julia Sterling on the same day, Scott took it as a sign. It was time to say goodbye and forget Marshall Donavan forever. Submitting Just Be You to the movie executives was supposed to be Scotts way of letting goof forgetting, of saying goodbye. But his plan backfired when the movie became a box office success overnight and his song was nominated for a Grammy. There was no way hed ever be able to forget. The song would follow him for the rest of his life and so would his unhealthy obsession with Marshall Donavan. It didnt help things when he found himself face to face again with the man who had consumed his thoughts for years. No, it didnt help at all when he saw the still very sexy and very straight Marshall Donavan for the first time in eight years. It didnt matter what would happen between them. As soon as he saw Marshall again, he knew that giving up his obsession wasnt an option Just Be You is a standalone, full-length, brothers best friend romance novel. It has gay for you and first time gay themes, is stocked full of STEAM, heartache, laughter, and has a guaranteed happily ever after ending. ...

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Just Be You Reviews

  • Faye Errington

    Amazing ❤

    Damn!! What an amazing book!!!

    I freaking love Scottie and Marshall ❤

    Their story was truly an amazing beautiful read, I couldn’t put it down once I stared reading it,

    I love that their story began as teenagers, Scottie having a huge crush on Marshall and how when they meet again as adults, Marshall realises that he also loved Scottie years ago but just didn’t realise it at the time😏

    Sigh... it’s just a really beautiful, emotional, amazing story of two great guys finally getting their HEA

  • Elizabeth

    This books has the potential to be very good. This is my opinion only but for me there were a few problems.

    1. Editing - I'm not a person that freaks out about this and I usually overlook it especially if they don't throw me off. Here though they threw me off and stood out.

    2. The unnecessary 2nd half of the book. The book was on it's way to being a winner at roughly 50% but took a straight nose dive into unnecessary bullshit.

    3. Character flaws - Scottie has been in love with Marshall his entire

  • Bati

    This book is like strawberries with whipped cream, a bowl of beautiful juicy red cherries, lemonade on a summer day.

    Sweet, charming and lovely story about the song with a very important message, that always worth just be yourself and nothing is impossible. Even Marshall Donovan and his dimples ;)

  • Bea

    I would've rated this higher, but unfortunately there were a bit too many grammatical errors that I wasn't able to disregard them anymore. Initially it was just my finicky problems with punctuation, like misplaced or missing commas, that sort of thing. But eventually there were mistakes with the pronouns - like the classic "you're" and "your" mistakes - which I really hope would've been spotted during the editing and proofreading processes.

    Also, I couldn't enjoy it as fully as I hoped because of

  • Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘

    ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱*It's started out good and then...*⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱

    The story centers around Scott ‘Scottie’ Russell Cohen (26) and his brother's best friend, Marshall ‘Marsh’ Maxwell Donavan (30) who he hasn't seen in eight years. That all changes when both ends up in the cottage to hide without knowing the other one would be there. The rest is history. This book had so much potential. It was cute, funny and fast forward. But it was too fast forward. I was expecting a 'gay for you' romance novel, however what we ...more

  • Earlyn

    Marshall and Scott

    What a well written romance.

    This is a friends to lovers story.

    Scott has always loved Marshall. The day Marshall saved him from a bully cemented that love. Fast forward right years, later because of circumstances they ended up in the cabin together.

    This gave them time 're ignited their attraction.

    Lovely sweet summer reading.

  • Rachel

    3 and a half *s

    The story was okay but the editing really let it down. Missed words and words spelt wrong

  • Shannon

    I read the reviews of this one and almost didn't read it because of them. I'm so glad I decided to ignore them and decide for myself. I will agree the editing errors were plentiful and annoying and some of the things Scottie did were childish but overall I really enjoyed this. Scottie has been in love with his big brother's best friend, Marshall, since he was 12 years old and seeing his pain at the beginning actually made me cry a little bit. I agree with others about Scottie's behavior at the c ...more