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Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie (Bloodlands Collection)

At a remote little inn not far from the Kansas homestead of Laura Ingalls Wilder lived the Bender family. These pioneers welcomed unwary visitors with jackrabbit stew and a sledgehammer to the skull.In time, their apple orchard gave up its secretsa burial ground for their mutilated victims, each stripped of their possessions. The devilish enterprise on Hells Half-Acre would earn the Bloody Benders an undying place in the annals of American infamy. But it was the mysterious fate of eldest daughter, Kate, that would make them the stuff of mythic campfire prairie tales.Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie is part of Bloodlands, a chilling collection of short page-turning historical narratives from bestselling true-crime master Harold Schechter. Spanning a century in our nations murderous past, Schechter resurrects nearly forgotten tales of madmen and thrill-killers that dominated the most sensational headlines of their day....

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Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie (Bloodlands Collection) Reviews

  • Sara

    A short history on the events and legends surrounding the Bender family, noted as a family of serial killers living in Kansas in the early 1870s. The family owned a small place that was generously described as an inn at a crossroads for travelers. It was here many men went missing in their travels. It was also near where the Ingalls family lived while in Kansas and made a few stops in their day. While historians have dismissed Laura Ingalls Wilder's claims that her father was in the posse that c ...more

  • Tom Callan

    Interesting History

    Not as good as the his Pirate book, but a nice quick read. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  • Katie Thompson

    True Crime

    The story of the Benders, a frontier serial killing family. This one was harder to research, since most of the "facts" are now legend, but it is well presented.

  • Jessica Christian

    This is the second book of the Bloodlands Collection and I enjoyed it a lot more than the first book (The Pirate). The story in this book felt more developed and it wasn’t rushed. It was allowed to develop on its own and it was intriguing. I read this short book in a day because it was hard to put down once I started it. Would recommend this book for somebody interested in true crime, but isn’t sure where to start or if they will enjoy the genre.

  • Cyndi  McIntire

    Who knew

    Who knew Charles Ingalls was not all sweet and loving I'm shocked. I had previously read about the Bender family and had no idea they were around the same time and place as Little House on the Prairie. I believe that Colonel York exacted his justice, he just sounds like a person that would do that

  • Danielle Bonam

    Harold Schechter is hands down the greatest True Crime author. His research is all encompassing, I cannot imagine how he finds the time to research every single tid-bit of a crime, but he does and we reap the benefit.

    In his latest Amazon Kindle Collection, The Bloodlands, Schechter explores 6(ish) murders of early American history. I say 6(ish) because although each story has a central murder, they all look at other comparable killings and overarching themes when applicable.

    The Bloodlands Colle

  • Carl Deskins,III

    A good review for a book that has the reader asking for more details!!!!!

    This is a good book that is well-written and only lacks one thing and that one thing is the reader would like more details!!!!!!!! I would recommend this book to anyone because it is well-written!!!!!!

  • Lynn Keith


    A fine piece of dark true crime writing. This was the best of the "Badland" stories so far. The ways an event gets turned into a legend is something that we all can appreciate. The story of the Bender farm and the wicked things that took place there were more legend than fact by the time people were done with it.