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Real Men Howl (Real Men Shift #1)

Masons inner wolf will go crazy without her. Lucy thinks hes already crazy. Werewolves arent real. Right? Lucy Morgan left Ashtown, Georgia, ten years ago and planned to never return. Unfortunately, life didnt get that memo. Shes back and now painful memories follow her everywhere. Until she meets him. Mason Blackwood is over six feet of sinfully gorgeous man whofor some reasonwants her. He also thinks hes a werewolf so yeah. Hes crazypants. But when he wants to have his wicked way with her, his sanity doesnt seem all that important anymore. Mason isnt sure how much longer he can remain Alpha over the Blackwood pack. Without a mate to balance him, his wolf snatches more control every day. It wont be long before he loses himself to the animal entirely. Then he meets Lucya sassy, curvaceous beauty who calms his beast with a smile. One sniff is enough to tell him shes his mate, and nothing will keep them apart. Not even the packs deadliest enemy whos determined to kill Lucy before Mason can claim her....

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Real Men Howl (Real Men Shift #1) Reviews

  • Ana

    Holy Craziness!

    This series is going to be so good, these Blackwood brothers got it going with their hotness.

    Lucy Morgan left her hometown of Ashton, Georgia 10 years ago after a terrible tragedy took her parents from her and she swore never to return, but very bad circumstances made her change those plans. When she returns to the quaint little Southern town she finds that a lot of things have changed since she was last there, but she has her mind set on making it work for herself until she saves

  • Rebecca Grove

    Mason is the alpha of the Ashtown pack but maybe not for long. It has taken so long for him to find his mate that his wolf is trying to take over. Mason is struggling to control his wolf's desire for blood and fighting. Then like a miracle his mate appears but she is in trouble. She was bit by a child in his pack and is trying to change to wolf. The problem is that bitten humans usually only successfully changed if bitten with a mating bite. His mate is dying before his eyes.

    Lucy grew up in As

  • Fran

    Meet the alpha who needs balance.

    Michael Blackwood is the alpha but his pack realizes he's on the verge of going feral which means the pack's healer Drew will be forced to put him down. This is happening cuz he hasn't yet found his alpha mate, the mate Fate has chosen for him. Little does he know that said potential mate has come back to Ashtown to revisit the home where she and her deceased parents lived up until ten years ago. The violent death of her parents had traumatized Lucy Morgan so te

  • Janet Hendricks

    Passion, Fun and Action!

    Mason and Lucy's story...Returning to her home town after being away for ten years is difficult for Lucy. Jobless, living with her grandmother, and facing sad memories of the death of her parents, Lucy wanders through town visiting former hangouts. She happens upon a small child in danger and rescues him. Charlie is so upset that he tries to run from Lucy and in the process, he accidentally bites her. Lucy doesn't know that Charlie is a werewolf and that his bite is going

  • Sue Riley

    Real Men Howl Celia Kyle Marina Maddix

    Reviewed by SFF Dragon*

    This is a terrific, laugh out loud funny, stand alone PNR with added mystery that had me hooked from beginning to end. I absolutely loved it...

    'Real Men Howl' is the first book in the new Real Men Shift series of paranormal romances by two best-selling and seriously good authors. Celia Kyle is one of my all-time favourites, and continuing their eminently successful collaboration, another of my go-to authors, Marina Maddix, and I was co

  • Denise

    Mason is on the verge of going feral and his brothers along with his pack are getting extremely anxious because if he goes feral they will have lost not only their alpha but the National Ruling Circle will have the right to select a new alpha, beta and enforcer not a situation that the pack wants or needs. Mason must find his mate, she is the only one that will keep his wolf stable but that does seem to happening fast enough. Lucy had not been back in her home town since her parents died nearly ...more

  • Victoria

    I love starting a new series...getting introduced to the new characters and then reading the updates on them throughout each new book from the series! Can't wait until the next book, maybe the new couple will have a bundle of joy of their own by then😉

    Spoiler Alert!!!....

    Having said that, this couple were truly meant for each other ...the growing love and admiration he had toward her, gave him the patience he needed to woo her and help calmly understand and allow him to claim her. Loved her feist

  • Ami

    Honestly not good. Characterization was terrible, both male and female leads. Male lead breaks down her door the first time they meet and she somehow doesn't continue thinking he's a full on creep? Female lead suddenly insists she has to get in between a wolf and a boy when they're clearly just playing? Female lead sees that he turns into a wolf and then the next day insists that it's all a dream?

    I'm kind of disappointed because I've read other books by Celia Kyle and they have been much better