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Veronica's Dragon (Icehome #2)

Resonance. Its a given on the ice planet, forced upon you by the parasitic symbiont called the khui. With resonance, a guy and a girl are paired up because theyll make great babies. Its a survival mechanism necessary for this sparsely-populated world were stranded onand romantic, in a weird, alien way. Everyone expects resonance to happen when twenty newcomers are dropped onto the frosty world. I doubt anyone expects the gorgeous, golden god named Ashtar to resonate to someone like me, though. Hes fierce. Flirty. Powerful. Disgustingly handsome. Imnot any of those things. Im bland. Boring. Clumsy. But resonance seems to think wed be great together. And Ashtar does, too ___ The Icehome series features all of the adventure, humor and community youve come to expect in the Ice Planet Barbarians series, but it stands on its own. You do not need to read the other series (or be caught up) in order to read VERONICAS DRAGON. I do recommend reading LAURENS BARBARIAN to get the full experience. Enjoy!...

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Veronica's Dragon (Icehome #2) Reviews

  • kookyquinn

    GAH! You guys! I flipping love this series! The heroes are always so adorable you could just cry and most of the heroine's are fun as hell!

    This was such a painfully slow burn. I just wanted to reach into the book and shake Veronica then I wanted to shake Ash! Just when I'm about to rip all my hair out they FINALLY mate! BOUT TIME! Sheesh!

    Willa and Gren next?! *faints*

  • Leigh

    I've only read two books by Ruby Dixon and unfortunately neither worked for me. I think in these types of books you have to love equally or just as much the females. I never seem to have a problem with the males but the females in the two stories I read were very annoying so I had no interest to read anything else from this author until Veronica's Dragon. After seeing so many awesome reviews I had to read it and Ashtar didn't disappoint, he was awesome. He was a wonderful mixture of sweet, innoc ...more

  • Ralitsa

    Определено първата ми хареса много повече, може би защото племето на главния беше новост. Сега нямам търпение да излезе книгата за Грен и Уила.

  • K.M. Montemayor

    5/5 "take my fires" stars

    This second installment of Ice Home is just as good as Lauren's story. This Drakoni is a bit different than his counterpart dragons and the Big Blue guys, but just as wonderful in my opinion. When the dragon and the other aliens were talking with the Sa-khui about how they could interact with the females I couldn't stop laughing.

    Another great and funny story!

    I can't wait for Willa and Gren's story.

  • Tricia Len

    I love Ruby Dixon's Ice Worlds! Veronica and her Dragon are a hot mess!

    This one will make you giggle and laugh....and sigh..

    I recommend this if you love a sweet love story....

  • ♛ Garima ♛

    I now understood Ruby's trick...Even though she writes about a couple at a time, she provides little bit about another you'd finish this and then start waiting for the next one, almost immediately...such a tease!

    I loved this. I mean think about it, if you are struck on Ice Planet, what would you need? A dragon! of course.

    This was fun and new! Because you have Cootie, resonance with Dragon mate stuff, fire, psychic mental link and healer thrown into mix. bit overwhelming but easy to

  •  B.E.Love

    This book was so good. Whenever I read this series or the original I get swept right back into the world. I love how this author always finds ways to make these two series new and interesting and never old or tired. The hero was just what I was hoping for and more. It was so interesting to see how the healers work and think, I had never thought too much about it but in this book we really get to see how it all works and I thought it was really fascinating. I can't wait for the next book in this ...more

  • Lorrie Moar

    Seriously love this book!!!