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Redson (VLG #10)

Rescued as a child by her grandpa, the powerful Vampire Malachi, Emma has been on the run for nearly forty years from a Vamp determined to see them both dead. When he enlists the aid of assassins from the Vampire Council, their luck runs out. Forced to separate, Malachi sends Emma to a trusted VampLycan for protection. Redson knows trouble when he sees it, and sure enough, the gorgeous, mostly human female seeking shelter immediately disrupts his future plans. His father swore a blood oath to her grandfather, and Red is honor bound to protect her. Hes surprised when his instincts demand so much moreprotectclaimmate. Their attraction is explosive, but Emma refuses to consider mating while her grandfather is in danger. She needs Reds helpbut is he Malachis savior? Or his biggest threat yet?...

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Redson (VLG #10) Reviews

  • Josette Reuel

    Must Read

    As of this moment this is my favorite book of the VLG series. I love Red and Emma. And, Mal is my new favorite male character. Can't wait for his story.

  • Shellia

    Love this book

    I love reading about the vamp lycans. This is truly a good story. The characters are great. I have read every one of Laurann Dohners books and they are all fabulous. You are always guaranteed a great read. If you haven't read any of her books by all means try them. You won't be disappointed.

  • Stacie

    3 3/4 "Sexy Vampy Granpa" Stars!

  • Carol Heisz

    I’m not sure why, but this book didn’t grab me like others in the series. I wasn’t invested in either Emma or Red until about 2/3 of the way into the book. Not my favorite book, but certainly worth reading.

  • NV

    Good story

    Good story with new characters and a continuation of the fantasy world that includes gargoyles,vampires, lycans and all the mixtures included.

  • Debbie


    What a great series!! I just absolutely love it and I can't wait for the next book to come out!! A definite must read!! Happy Reading!! :)

  • SMJC

    Needs more editing

    So it's a solid 3.5 for me. I don't know what her beta team and editors were doing, but clearly, this book needed more work from them. So many grammatical errors and missing words, it felt rushed. I mean it takes reader ONE single read to spot them, yet how many beta readers does she have? And at least one editor ? And NONE OF THEM caught the mistakes ? Yeah, if I'm going to pay $3-$5 for a book, I expect more from it.

    The story was ok. It just feels like at first they have one