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House of Imperial (Secret Keepers #2)

Callie has spent her life moving towns every four months in a bid to stay off the grid." Her only family is a paranoid mother who believes theres a race of supernatural beings out there actively searching for Callie. A race who could destroy Earth if they get their hands on her. Callies never seen one thing to suggest theres any truth to moms insane ramblings, and at the age of eighteen now, shes grown numb to her reality shes never going to have a normal life.That is, until they move to New Orleans. The moment Callie steps foot into the Quarter, hears the jazz music, feels the soul of the city, the cold shell shes built to protect herself starts to thaw.Then they come for her. Turns out her moms stories are quite real, and whatever happens, Callies empty world will never be the same again....

Title : House of Imperial (Secret Keepers #2)
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House of Imperial (Secret Keepers #2) Reviews

  • Sharon

    3.5 stars.

    The second Secret Keepers installment introduces the House of Imperial which is akin to the underworld. Think Hades and Persephone.

    The storytelling here is much longer and involved to explain who are the mysterious Daelighters and this strange otherworld ruled by the four Houses.

    Callie, who has been on the run for most of her life, meets the bold brash Daniel for the first time when he attempts to rescue her.

    But seeing the tall, bald and gorgeous man coming at her, Callie does the o

  • Puna

    AHHH!!!!! This book has me in turmoil! The ending!

    I read.

    I laughed.

    I cried.

    I smiled.

    I screamed.

    I contemplated.

    I re-read.

    This book was great! It's a continuation of the last book, but I'm torn between these books. I loved the first book, I loved this book too. But....the ending, destroyed me a bit. (view spoiler)

  • Lissa Hawley

    Just as good as the first.

  • Stacia

    Not as good as the first

    This book had a lot of potential. Really the whole series does. I usually love Jaymin's books but this fell a little short for me. I get it's hard to write a full connecting story into one book. I just didn't get the full connection here with the "main" characters, mainly because they never seemed to be together. It's this love story and Daniel keeps saying he'll never leave her but then they constantly are apart. Yet they fall so deep in love. It's hard to connect to. T

  • Marlinda Robinson

    Good, but I liked the first better

    I like this series overall, but I liked the first book so much better. I feel like it had more detail, more depth. Though still fast paced I felt like the relationships in the first book happened more organically. The love was able to grow and wasn’t instant. Though, I do like that this book came up with the whole fate and soul-mate spin to explain why they fell in love so fast as an explanation. I liked Emma more than Callie, but that’s probably just preference

  • Debbie Turk

    Emotive & Drama Filled Read!! 😭

    Callie has been been brought up by her Mum. She shows her no love, care or other emotions except when instilling her with fear, suspicion and hatred towards a race of 'aliens' that's Callie is certain don't even exist!!👽 Her Dad is dead & she never knew him. They have moved from place to place as long as she can remember. They never stay anywhere longer than 5 months 😳

    Callie is currently living in New Orleans & for the first time in her life she actuall

  • Sara Oxton

    House of Imperial by Jaymin Eve a majestic five-star read. This is the second book in Secret Keeper series and they just go from strength to strength. Jaymin Eve I don’t know how you write woman with so many amazing qualities, and such a love of coffee and Converse, it’s just the little things that make her that much more adorable. Callie feels like she has come home when she finds herself in New Orleans, but is it the place, or someone else who’s there? The house of Imperial will break her and ...more

  • Shauna Parrish


    Callie grew up knowing about Other World and constantly moving and on the run from them. They found her in New Orleans where she had no choice but to go with Daniel because her mother was kidnapped to get her out of hiding. She’s the second secret Keeper. This story sucks you in from the very beginning. Callie has spunk and fire and her and Emma click instantly. The girls are in for the fight of their lives, and it’s not over yet. I’m so excited to read House Of Leights and for the Secr