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A Chance in this world

A heart-rending but uplifting story of the human spirits ability to prevail. From the day he is five-years-old and dropped off at his foster home of the next eleven years, Stephen is mentally and physically tortured. No one in the system can help him. No one can tell him if he has a family. No one can tell him why, with obvious African-American features, he has the last name of Klakowicz. Along the way, a single faint light comes only from a neighbors small acts of kindness and caringand a box of books. From one of those books he learns that he has to fight in any way he canfor victory is in the battle. His victory is to excel in school. Against all odds, the author succeeded. He attended college, graduated, became a successful corporate executive, and married a wonderful woman with whom he established a loving family of his own. Through it, he dug voraciously through records and files and found his history, his birth familyand the ultimate disappointment as some family members embrace him, but others reject him. Readers wont be the same after reading this powerful story. They will share in the hurts and despair but also in the triumph against daunting obstacles. They will share this story with their family, with their friends, with their neighbors. ...

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A Chance in this world Reviews

  • Barbara

    The life of an abused foster child and his search for family. I would have liked to know more about his faith.

  • Ben Schulman

    A Chance in the World is a book an orphan named Steve, and what he had to go through as a child and through out his life being an orphan. As a child, Steve was put in an awful home, where he was beaten and yelled at. Life there was horrible for him. He lived there for most of his childhood and while he did, he was, whipped, burned, slapped, and almost shot on a "hunting accident". It took him until he was 17 years old until he was let out of the horrible home. Afterwards it talks about how he wa ...more

  • Mrs. Cubby Culbertson

    Heart wrenching story that fosters my further awareness that we do not know what experiences students bring to school with them from home every. single. day.

    Reminds of a recent post ...Students who are loved at home come to school to learn, and students who aren't come to school to be loved. ---Nicholas A. Ferroni

  • Pamela

    I'm finished attempting to read this memoir, in its downloaded format as provided free via, many months back as a reward for participating in a survey.

    Such a bummer, I was really getting into it. But after two months, I must accept my reality.

    The problem isn't with the story itself. From what I have read, just under the halfway mark, it appears to be aptly-written, deeply felt, and highly recommendable. The problem lies with my inability to read on an electronic device for a

  • Emily Jameson

    3.5 stars. II was rivited by Steve Pemberton's quest to discover his place of belonging after a harrowing childhood with a cruel foster family. I'm impressed and inspired by his rise to security, both financial and familial. I'm particularly moved by the fact that he now runs a foundation dedicated to helping young adults who are aging out of the foster care system.

    Though I enjoyed Steve's story, I didn't care for his writing style. His overly descriptive prose relied on hackneyed phrases, and c

  • Sarah Giannetta

    I recently had the opportunity to meet Steve Pemberton, as he gave the keynote speech at the National Partnership for Educational Access conference in Boston, which is also where I got the book. The book is a little hard to read at times, only because of the serious abuse Steve endures as a kid. How he made it through his childhood is unbelievable, but he does and his story is one everyone should read. I was stunned at the failures of the foster care system detailed in this book, but also reliev ...more

  • Lisa

    At the age of four Steve Pemberton was abandoned by family and grew up in the foster system. He was mentally and physically abused by his foster family, yet he was able to rise from his situation.

    A word of caution: don't start reading before going to bed or you might just stay up all night!

    When you finish, thank God for all that you have, then go and thank your family members! Let your actions reflect your gratitude in all that you do.

  • Suzanne

    A wonderful book---extremely uplifting. Steve Pemberton had a childhood that would have destroyed almost anyone, but through determination and intelligence, he overcame all that was thrown at home, and went on to college, marriage, parenthood and a good career. This book tells of how he came to discover his past---his parents he never knew, his extended family and why he wound up in an abusive foster home. I was truly inspired by his lack of bitterness and his faith. Beautifully written.