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Down Beat ( Dark Tide #1)

Some call him a rock god. Others a celebrity bad boy. Me? I call him the arrogant bastard who stole my concert venue. His apology? To take me and my violin on tour with the band. Its an offer I cant refuse, even if it does come with strings attached. Because Rey Thomas isnt who he seems. Life isnt pretty behind the deviant frontmans facade. Its raw, ugly, and at times downright painful. But its real. And far better than the lie he presents to the world. The man behind the face of Dark Tide is beautiful in his chaos. All I have to do is keep him alive long enough to see that too.Nobody ever said loving a rock star would be easy....

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Down Beat ( Dark Tide #1) Reviews

  • Donna Wright

    I really don't know where to begin with this review. I don't know how to express the feeling that it provoked and just how to put it all down on paper. But I need for people to realise what a fantastic thought provoking book this is. Some say we all have our demons and we do but some of us have a disease that we can never escape from. One that plays with us in the worst ways, these diseases are ones that have more access to us than any other. Especially when its your own mind that you can't esca ...more

  • Emma Causer

    I'm never sure what to write in reviews, I would hate to accidentally add a spoiler. So where do I start? I've read rockersany times but never like this, Max took a well know genre and turned it on it's head!

    This book does contain mental health issues and if it could be a trigger then I would think twice about reading it. That said the way Max has approached and dealt with the subject matter is incredible and real. Max hasn't added this for the shock factor and it isn't fluffy - it is dark, full

  • Beth C.

    Dark Tide, Dark side

    First time reading this author, the rockstar blurb of the book caught my eye. I especially thought the classical violinist vs. the hard rock frontman sounded like a great foundation for a story. The background of Rey, the lead singer having bipolar disorder yet touring with his band was something I was curious about. How does he handle always being 'on' when his mental illness would probably not allow for any slip ups.

    Tabitha, musician herself but not on the same level as th

  • Diary Of Book Fiend

    Erase everything you have read when it comes to a Rockstar Romance, because Max Henry just changed the game, in the best of ways. With a dash of depth and a sprinkle of unique characters, and just a pinch of imperfectly perfect Lead Vocalist, whose name is Rey.

    Rey and Tabitha are two total opposites. Rey, Rock God, celebrity Bad Boy and Tabitha broke up and coming violinist. Tabitha loses her concert venue when Dark Tide Publicist Rick, pays double for the famous rock group to perform in her pla

  • Crystal Nehler-McClaine

    I loved it, I really did. This would be a perfect 5 for me if not for a couple of rather banal things. 1) This work is highly personal, you can tell, to great effect, but unfortunately our American characters don't sound all together American. They sound British, or Australian, or like New Zealanders, just by the way they word things. It took me out of the action occasionally.

    and 2) I'm a bit of a music snob and some of the choices for the begining of the chapters took me out of it. Papa Roach?

  • Patricia Rohrs (words we love by blog)

    I love Max’s willingness to tackle topics in her books that most stay away from! She takes them head on and constructs the most beautiful, gut wrenching but truthful stories I have ever read!

    Tabitha and Rey! Two people who just opposites in many way but both love music! It’s through that music that Tabitha sees beneath Rey’s front and peels away the layers of the man but can she handle what she finds?

    I loved Tabithas strength and Rey’s fight! Even when it seemed he wasn’t fighting in the end t

  • Eden Summers

    It's not often that I read the work of a friend.

    I'm a harsh critic, which can make for an uncomfortable situation.

    And Max is a friend.

    She's an awesomely close friend who I speak to daily. So yes, this review could be considered biased but I'm not writing it as a reader to another potential reader. I'm writing as an author to my author friend.

    I'm writing because I've been moved by this book. My foundation has been rocked, my soul has been touched, and my emotional heartstrings have been plucked

  • Nance

    A very powerful and thought-provoking book. Not subjects that I know much about - bipolar, depression and suicide. The things that these characters experience, both as a couple and the hero’s family and band members, are so heartbreaking and debilitating. This was one emotional roller coaster as the author portrays Rey and Tabitha’s love story with heartfelt honesty and beautiful writing. Wow! There’s not much more I can say other than to read this book. It will open your eyes and quite possibly ...more