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The Dependents

A wise and lyrical debut novel about a new widower confronting the truth about his long marriage.After the sudden death of his wife, Maida, Gene is haunted by the fear that their marriage was not all it appeared to be. Alongside Ed and Gayle Donnelly, friends since college days, he tries to resurrect happy memories of the times the two couples shared, raising their children in a small New Hampshire town and vacationing together at a lake house every summer. Meanwhile, his daughter, Dary, challenges not only his happy version of the past but also his view of Maida. As a long-standing rift between them deepens, Gene starts to understand how unknown his daughter is to him--and how enigmatic his wife was as well. And a lingering suspicion seizes his mind that could upend everything he thought he knew.Katharine Dion's assured debut moves seamlessly between Gene's present-day journey and the long history of a marriage and friendship. Rich and wonderfully alive, The Dependents is the most moving kind of drama, an intimate glance into the expanse of family life and the way we must all eventually bridge the chasm between what we want to believe and what we know to be true....

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The Dependents Reviews

  • Sharon Velez Diodonet

    "Marraige wasn't innoculation against conflict". Gene spent 49 years with Maida who suddenly dies. Ed and Gayle Donnelly have been their best friends since their college years and their close friendship endured. Dary, Gene's only child grew up very close to the Donnellys and their boys. Both families spent many vacations at the Donnelly's lakehouse throughout the years. Dary returns home to help plan her mother's funeral and her relationship with her father is awkward but neither party knows why ...more

  • Irene

    Very sad and depressing read. I had to skim over parts because this book was just not for me.

    Katharine Dion does a fine job capturing the emotions dealing with death, loss, grief and memories. I believe it was a good effort, but left the reader with some unanswered questions dealing with the relationships.

    Not for everyone.

  • BKing

    The Dependents is a beautifully written book about relationships and the complex range of emotions that fill them. The story begins with a widower’s grief as a means to examine deeply the multitude of feelings and experiences engendered by love, friendship, parenthood, loss, hope and disillusionment. That is, life. Dion explores these feelings and experiences with stunning language and wise awareness. Her richly-drawn, connected characters are full of the complications of love, longing, need, an ...more

  • Kati Berman

    The Dependents

    I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    Gene’s wife Maida has died suddenly after they were married for 49 years. They had one daughter, Dary, who is not very close to her Dad. Dary has a 10 year old daughter who was conceived via a sperm donor and Dary chose to be a single Mom. Gene and Maida have been friends with Gayle and Ed since their college days, vacationing together at a lakeside cottage and bringing their children up together, sharing life’s

  • Lynne Spreen

    I discovered this novel because it was featured as a book of the week in People magazine. What a surprise that they would feature a story about an older person, in this case a widower in his seventies who begins to have doubts about the truth of his marriage. Since I seek out novels about people in the second half of life, I was excited to read it.

    First the good: Katharine Dion is a superb wordsmith. She offers up some of the freshest metaphors and most profound observations about the human cond

  • Cindy Sandstrom

    Did you like Ulysses?

    I loved this book, which is mostly inner dialog and small, intricately described moments. It reminded me of a more convrntionally-written Ulysses, in which the author zooms in on ordinary life. I thought it was a perfect gem, although if you are looking for a lot of external events to happen to the characters, you'll be disappointed.

  • Nancy

    Something was keeping me from writing a review of The Dependents by Katharine Dion. I loved the book. I found it thoughtful and moving and surprising, and somber and soulful. Why was I wordless?

    It came to me that I identified too much with Gene, the protagonist, a recent widower who can't move beyond the loss of his wife of 49 years.

    I have been married for 46 years. I was a month from my 20th birthday when I married. And for all our ups and downs, good times and bad times, my husband has been my

  • Elyse

    From the very first paragraph, debut author Katharine Dion, drew me in....

    “Gene’s interest in other people lay primarily in the mystery of their happiness.

    Happy children, happy parents tending happy children and small animals —had they always been such evangelists of joy? He now reserved a special kind of misery for the sight of a happy couple. This particular human configuration seemed to have been invented out of despair in everyone else”.

    Gene Ashe’s wife, Maida died. It wasn’t cancer - it w