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Get You Some (Simple Man #3)

You want some?She snarls those words at him with barely concealed hostility the moment he arrives at her window to ask for her license and registration.After a few choice words, he lets her go with not one ticket, but three.Next time she should check the attitude at the door and realize that hes a cop, and just doing his job.Come get some.Fast forward a week, and hes still unable to think about anything else but her and her bad attitudeoh, and those sexy lips, angry eyes, and her promise to make his life hell.Knowing he should stay away, he takes a step back and tries not to think about anything that has to do with those long legs, and that mouth that could be used for much better things than spewing venom.Then she makes a mistake.At an interview, she rattles off a random number to use as a reference for a job that she desperately needs, and that number just happens to be Johnnys. Shell regret being so rude, and one day shell think twice when she decides to throw attitude toward a man like him.Vowing to make her life hell, he decides to have a little fun.Never get enough.What he doesnt expect is to fall for her.The more Johnny learns about June, the deeper he digs his hole. Soon, he doesnt know which way is up, and hes just fine with that.Over time, he learns that not everyone bothers to dig past her prickly demeanor and get to the woman that lives deeper.When one too many citizens of Hostel, Texas tries to back her against the wall, hes had enough.After all, you dont mess with whats his....

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Get You Some (Simple Man #3) Reviews

  • Lindsay

    OMG. She’s back! Ok, so the author didn’t really go anywhere, but the last two books I read, in this series a matter of fact, well…they weren’t the best. I actually had a lot of issues with them. But this book was back on par. The secondary characters didn’t try and take over and the two minor scenes that Janie and Rafe were in, Janie was tolerable.

    I loved watching June and Johnny become friends and then more than that. Johnny was so patient, making sure that June was comfortable with him and h

  • Natalie The Biblioholic

    It's LIVE!

    Johnny was discharged due to injury after getting hit by an IED. He was home convalescing and he was hating it. He was a grown man being babied by his parents and it had to stop. When his bestie suggests that he make his way out of town, he latches onto that option and found a job (not too far away) with the police station. A standard traffic stop lands him into the clutches of notorious troublemaker, June, and the rest was absolute magic.

    Mr. Good Intentions was

  • Marika

    As soon as I sat down to read it was over..whatever else I was supposed to be doing didn't happen..I didn't get up until I finished.

    Johnny and June's story was so so good!

    Johnny went for a career that wasn't the one he wanted but at least it was a job..and that very job was a blessing when he came to meet June!

    June isn't living..mostly surviving and biding hrr time until she could leave..but she didn't count on Johnny.

    I loved them both and their story made me so dang happy!

    There's happy and sad,

  • Konny

    Get You Some by Lani Lynn Vale is the third book in the series of standalones, The Simple Man. The previous books are Kinda Dont Care ( with the most beautiful cover) and Maybe Dont Wanna.

    Welcome back to Hostel, Texas. Johnny Mitchell Mackenzie is ex military, medically discharged from the Army and hes at the end of hid rope. His family cares be theyre smothering him. He leaves and takes a job at the PD in Hostel. Hes a stickler for rules.

    June Carter Common is the towns black sheep. She has a ba

  • Gi's Spot Reviews

    4.5 ‘Johnny and June’ Stars

    Talk about Serendipity! An amazing love story just as epic as the original Johnny and June! The perfect pairing, there was no doubt they were meant to be, just look at their names! Awwww...

    Can’t believe we are finally getting Johnny’s book! Can’t believe Sebastian’s little boy – from Lights To my Siren – is all grown up. And what grown up!

    Johnny was never the same after his injury in the Army, so he thinks moving to Hostel, may be just what he needed. He just didn’t h

  • Kathleen R.


    There's only one reason why i hadn't finished this book within a few hours and that's because i got sick and could barely keep my eyes open to be able to finish the next chapter (and the next, and the next, and so on an so forth). There's a reason why i love the books that Lani Lynn Vale writes and it's quite simple: here are characters that are real and more than a little believable.

    This series is aptly named: the Simple Men. Here are men who try to their best to be better when life gav

  • Sarah Dale

    This is the third book in this awesome series and I think this was my favourite so far and its Johnny and June's story.

    Johnny is the new policeman in town and has moved to Hostel to escape the smothering from his family after being medically discharged from the military. He is closed off and just about functioning until he pulls June over for a traffic violation and the sparks between them start flying.

    I really adored June, she has been delivered a bad hand with her parents and thanks to them

  • Sarah Reads "Reading in Sarah's Corner"

    Seriously, ya'll! Each book by Lani Lynn Vale captures a piece of my heart. The Simple Man Series is becoming one of my favorites series.

    This book was so stinkin' good. I devoured. Then pouted because it was over, and it read it so fast that I did not pace myself for the ending. As always though, Lani gave us an ending we could swoon and smile about. So, I will give her a pass.

    Lani, I do apologize but a few times during this book I might have grumbled some not so nice things as you heart my g