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It Ends with Her

He started the game. Shell end it.FBI special agent Clarke Sinclair doesnt give up easily. Shes spent years tracking serial killer Simon Cross, forced to follow his twisted clues and photographs across the country. Clarke knows that Cross selects only redheaded women and that he doesnt target another victim until Clarke discovers the previous one.Hes never broken patternuntil now.A girl has already gone missing in upstate New York when a second one is kidnappeda blonde. The killers MO has changed, sending Clarke back to the drawing board. The closer she gets to the truth, the deeper shes drawn into an inescapable trap made just for Clarke. Whatever Crosss ultimate game is, it ends with her....

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It Ends with Her Reviews

  • Donna

    FBI agent Clarke Sinclair and her partner Sam have been chasing down serial killer Simon Cross for a couple of years. He leaves clues for Clarke to find and interpret and then kills the girl right before they can figure out what the clues mean. Shortly before the final clue, he will kidnap another red-haired girl and the game begins again.

    Alternating chapters are about Clarke, Adelaide Young in 1993, and Bess, the most recent person kidnapped and held hostage. We first meet Simon when he was 11

  • Cheryl

    I liked this book. I did stick with it all the way through to the end. In regards to the characters, Clarke and Simon they were fine. There were other characters that played either main or secondary roles. Which they helped with the telling of the story. To be honest there really wasn't that much wrong with the characters or the story but I will say that I could become easily distracted by the outside world. I was not as fully invested in the overall story as I would have liked or hoped. Yet, as ...more

  • raymond cook

    Standard Thriller

    This book wasn't bad, but it didn't really go beyond the cliche. Everything in it I had read before. Still worth a look, though.

  • Kristine

    Good but predictable

    I don't read murder mysteries often more because I take the stories to my dreams but this one was a good story but predictable. I would recommend for someone who likes murder mysteries.

  • David E. Anderson

    I didn't like main character, and found all the 'flashbacks' between her and her mentor to be tiresome. The writing quality was very good, but the plot really wasn't believable.

  • Rebecca

    Amazon First Reads - April 2018

  • Emery Duquette

    Good book

    Twists and turns, great, deep character's. Had me in suspense until the end. Recommend to anyone that likes thrillers. The end (not good at writing reviews. Lol)

  • cj

    Good lot. Too much extra.

    The story and it's late twist were good. The frequent long elaboration of the main character's thoughts, feelings and past were excessive. I found myself anxious to see where the story went next, but tired of all the extra rhetoric. Too bad, because I like so much of the author's writing--the boring parts just needed to be edited out.