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Sworn (Blood Duet #1)

I bow to no man. The words are tattooed on my skin, just as theyre branded on my heart.But I never planned for Sergeant Lincoln Asher, a man as deceptive as he is cold. His dominance sets my teeth on edge . . . and my body on fire. He wont stop until Im his, but Im not his to take. My secrets bind meand blind me. I live in the shadows of New Orleans. Hidden and protected in the underworld I call home. I know who I am.I vow never to kneel before a man...Save one.And he will be my downfall.INFO ON SWORN: Release Date: May 17th 2018 Series: Book #1 of the Blood Duet Genre: Romantic Suspense Read the Sneak Peek here! Release Day Alert: Bloggers, if you are interested in helping to spread the word please click here. Thank you so much in advance! All the hugs ...

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Sworn (Blood Duet #1) Reviews

  • Snow

    She witnessed her mother's murder, she heard it all but didn't see, but the words and the voices belonged to her stepfather and another man...

    and all that she could do was run and hide...sentencing herself to the unknown, uncertainty of existence...

    In that moment, at age of fourteen, Laurel Peyton had ceased to exist

    her life existence was erased by the powerful PR imagery her stepfather displayed, as being the mayor of New Orleans, and Laurel became a shadow on the underground...

    Avery Wash

  • Penny Leidecker

    WOW, what a fabulous new book from Maria Luis! We know she can write about sexy hockey players if you’ve read her Blades series and then of course she has her sexy Nola series. This is something totally different! It is still some smoking scenes, but you can tell how much she has grown as a writer with this book and all it’s twists and turns. Everyone, you will fall in love with the sexy Sergeant Lincoln Asher. You will be cheering for Avery. She has had to deal with so much since the murder of ...more

  • K Reynolds

    As sinfully delightful as New Orleans itself

    Wow! Maria Luis has outdone herself with this book. Avery is strong yet vulnerable, timid yet bold, naive yet sensual. She is the best kind of wonderful in a complicated walking contradiction. Lincoln personifies hurt, anger, and love with nowhere to go. To say these characters are textured and complex is an understatement. Their chemistry will make your heart speed up and beg for more!! The city itself will draw you in and wrap its spell around you. T

  • A.BookNerd.Bookseller&Bibliophile.Blog

    Oh Wow!!! I Love This Book!!!! I could hardly put this book down and was actually pretty upset when I had to stop to answer questions my family kept asking (like are you going to come eat dinner? Uh no, can't you see I'm too busy swooning over Lincoln and trying to solve a mystery in N'Orleans' shadows). The lead female is such a perfect balance of a badass woman and a lonely little girl. Then, the lead male, Lincoln; just holy hot damn, I mean, for real, holy hot [email protected]#ing damn . . . goose bumps . ...more

  • Bex (Beckie Bookworm)



    Release Date-17/5/18

    "Sworn" by Maria Luis was such a good read it was also the first thing I've read by this particular author.

    From the minute I started this I was transfixed and transported into the fascinating world of Avery and Lincoln.

    Set against the decadent background of New Orleans; we are swiftly immersed into this rich tapestry of secrets and lies.

    "Sworn" features Lincoln and Avery; the former a cop and the latter a tarot reading runner just trying to live her

  • Pelusa Rivera

    Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author.. Have you ever read a book from Maria? If you haven't I ask why not? Let me tell you my friends that she is awesome, and she only gets better and better. I am about to erect an altar to her that is how good she is. Any hoo this book is stupendous. We meet Avery and this woman, huh my heart goes out to her, she is strong but still wary, and with reason I really don't want to give much info because honestly you need to read, no really. And then we have Lincoln woo ...more

  • Jenni

    This book tho!! Where did it come from?!?

    Maria Luis has stepped away (let's hope just momentarily) from her usual adorable and romantic banter-filled books to give us this absolute gem of darkness. From the heroine living her life in the shadows to the hero who's filled with them, this book took me for a ride.

    A dark, sexy, intriguing ride.

    Avery and Lincoln are complicated on their own, but together they're doubly dangerous and doesn't that make this book the kind you read in one sitting! I can

  • Zoe


    Blood Duet Book 1

    Maria Luis

    Avery age 13

    “And I suspected that if I wanted to live another day, I had to become no one.”

    Twelve years later...

    “ In the bowel of New Orleans, I was the gatekeeper to the no-longer living.”

    Welcome to the underbelly of New Orleans where trust is so rare it just might not exist and survival is instinct.

    Maria Luis has written a raw and edgy suspense. Morals are checked at the door when the impending doom of a life lead in the shadows starts to unravel.

    This ends