Read The Lifegiving Parent: Giving Your Child a Life Worth Living for Christ by Clay Clarkson Online

The Lifegiving Parent: Giving Your Child a Life Worth Living for Christ

From the family that brought you The Lifegiving Home and The Lifegiving Table, discover how you can become a parent who gives your child a life worth living for Christ.In today's world, it's easy to become overwhelmed and even paralyzed by the constant flow of parenting advice. We're flooded with so much practical information that we wonder if we're choosing the right way. And we may be missing the one thing God really wants us to give to our children: His life. God doesn't include a divine methodology for parenting in the Bible, but He does provide principles that can enable any faithful parent to bring His life into the life of their home.In The Lifegiving Parent, respected authors and parents Clay and Sally Clarkson explore eight key principles--heartbeats of lifegiving parenting--to shed light on what it means to create a home where your children will experience the living God in your family. Now parents of four grown children--each with their own unique personality and gifts--Sally and Clay have learned (sometimes the hard way!) that the key to shaping a heart begins at home as you foster a deep and thoughtful God-infused relationship with each child. Filled with biblical insight and classic Clarkson stories, The Lifegiving Parent will equip you with the tools and wisdom you need to give your children much more than just a good Christian life. You'll give them the life of Christ. (Don't miss the companion piece, The Lifegiving Parent Experience!)...

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The Lifegiving Parent: Giving Your Child a Life Worth Living for Christ Reviews

  • Suzanna  K.

    I recommend this book if you’re looking for encouragement in impacting our children’s lives for Christ in the short time we have with them.

    There is nothing I want more for my children than to pass on a vibrant faith to them. The Lifegiving Parent gives practical steps to help us as parents do that.

    At the top of the list is having life within us to give. We cannot give life unless we have life.

    I left this book with more of a desire to have the life of Christ flowing through me. But I also appreci

  • Sarah Poling

    I haven't read other books in the lifegiving series, and didn't even realize it is a series until I was into this book. But the subtitle of giving your child a life worth living for Christ is definitely a goal in our home. And Different is so inspiring and practical, I wanted to see if I loved this book as much.

    This book is more of a philosophical book to help parents process the foundation of their home based on who God is and how He is present in your home. Clay seems to be the main author an

  • S.K.

    I positively adore the Clarkson family. I loved Sarah’s books and I’ve loved all of the books I’ve read by Sally. I am forever hoping to find out Sally is speaking somewhere near me/somewhere I’m going to be. I was so excited when I was given the chance to review The Lifegiving Parent!

    I ultimately loved The Lifegiving Parent and very much recommend it. I will point out two things as fair warning, but otherwise I’d say it’s very much worth your time!

    1) The Clarksons are mega-idealistic. Majorly,

  • Naomi

    "The Lifegiving Parent" by Clay and Sally Clarkson completes the "Lifegiving" trilogy that also includes "The Lifegiving Home" and "The Lifegiving Table" by Sally Clarkson. This particular addition focuses on parenting and can easily be read together by spouses, as opposed to others that Sally writes that are specifically geared for women.

    If you want to get to the beating heart of being a lifegiving parent, you'll find it in opening your home to the love of God, the light of God, and the life of

  • Laura Costea

    Intentional. If I had to use one word for this book, that's what it'd be. I'm used to Sally being grace-filled; I knew she'd be inspiring; I thought she might be witty (she is my far-away mentor, after all; I've read enough of her books to expect these things.) But I didn't know that in their latest book, the Clarksons would be so intentional.

    Intentional in reviewing the lessons they themselves have learned as parents, intentional about passing them down to the next generation, but most of all -

  • Kelly Bridgewater

    I have never heard of Clay and Sally Clarkson, but the title of their newest book, The Life Giving Parent captured my attention. As authors who have written a number of books and devotions for raising a Godly family, I was interested in what I could learn to bring God more as the focal point in our lives. I read through the book pretty quickly for this review, but I believe I will be returning to it with a highlighter and a pencil, so I can study more closely. My favorite chapters are renewing o ...more

  • Amanda

    Based on the few chapters I’ve read so far, I have been so encouraged by Clay and Sally’s instruction to invest in the lives of my children for eternity. I think the idea that has touched me the most is the idea that even parenting is a walk of faith. It is NOT a formula. I’m so thankful for a godly book that doesn’t promise me that if I follow five steps, my kids will turn out perfectly. Instead, they provide principles for loving my children like Jesus and how to extend grace to them when they ...more

  • Bethany

    think most Christian parents have heard of Sally Clarkson and her books as they come highly recommend and are filled with wonderful, Christ centered Biblical insight. So when I got the chance to grab their newest book I was eager and it did not disappoint!

    Filled with sage advice this book really helps breathe life into ones mission as a parent reminding one how sacred and important being a parent truly is. I love how this book was not just geared towards Mother's like so many books out there bu