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Still Lives

A young editor at a Los Angeles art museum finds herself pulled into the disturbing and dangerous world of a famous artist who goes missing on the opening night of her exhibition Kim Lord is an avant garde figure, feminist icon, and agent provocateur in the L.A. art scene. Her groundbreaking new exhibition Still Lives is comprised of self-portraits depicting herself as famous, murdered womenthe Black Dahlia, Chandra Levy, Nicole Brown Simpson, among many othersand the works are as compelling as they are disturbing, implicating a culture that is too accustomed to violence against women. As the citys richest art patrons pour into the Rocque Museums opening night, all of the staff, including editor Maggie Richter, hope the event will be enough to save the historic institutions flailing finances. Except Kim Lord never shows up to her own gala Fear mounts as the hours and days drag on and Lord remains missing. Suspicion falls upon the up-and-coming gallerist Greg Shaw Ferguson, who happens to be Maggies ex. A rogues gallery of eccentric art world figures could also have motive for the act, and as Maggie gets drawn into her own investigation of Lords disappearance, shell come to suspect all of those closest to her. Set against a culture that too often fetishizes violence against women, Still Lives is a page-turning exodus into the art worlds hall of mirrors, and one womans journey into the belly of an industry flooded with money and secrets....

Title : Still Lives
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ISBN : 9781619021112
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 275 pages
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Still Lives Reviews

  • Meranda

    Honestly. One of the worst books I have read this year. However it is not for a lack of trying. I just couldn’t connect with any of the characters and the story never seemed to get off the ground. I was really disappointed because I was looking forward to reading this and it was a let down.

    I skimmed half the book just to figure out what happened at the end.

  • Janelle

    Review to come

  • MaryBeth's Bookshelf

    Kim Lord is a famous artist with a very controversial show about to open when she mysteriously disappears. Editor Maggie Richter finds herself sucked in to the scandal as she tries to figure out what happened to Kim, while struggling to reconcile with her own demons.

    I had a lot of hope for this book - set in Los Angeles, art world, scandal....but, something just didn't click with me. I could not get into the story or the characters. I am clearly in the minority as this book is winning awards lik

  • Jessica Sullivan

    “Never look for the what. Find the who. Who gets hurt. Who gains. Whose life will never be the same.”

    I’ve seen some reviews lamenting that this isn’t the thrilling page-turner they expected, and that’s true, it isn’t. It’s more of a slow burn noir about the LA art world, with a missing woman at the center.

    On the opening night of her new museum exhibition featuring self-portraits in which she depicts herself as famous murdered women, artist Kim Lord disappears.

    Maggie Richter, who works at the mus

  • Sue

    This suspense novel takes place in the world of art. It may sound like a strange setting but I can assure you that this is a real page turner that will have you racing to the end.

    Kim Lord has a new show opening at a small museum in LA. Though we never meet her in the novel, we know all about her art. Her new show depicts women who have been murdered at the scene of their murders. It's a violent unsettling show but one that has all the needed requirements to be very popular. The novel starts on o

  • Jessica Woodbury

    When a crime novel is set in a very specific place or time or industry, it can sometimes feel more like a gimmick than something where the story flows organically from it. But in STILL LIVES, more than any novel about art in my recent memory, the gallery and the art all feel alive and honest. Perhaps the thing that's bothered me most about novels about art and artists is the way the reader just has to accept that the art is vibrant and interesting, often it fails to appear that way on the page. ...more

  • Casey Frank

    I was excited to see this book as a Book of the Month selection a month before the official publication date. After my box arrived I ended up reading the book in just a couple of sitting across two days as it was compelling, and a nicely compact story at a little under 300 pages.

    There's something about the air of the story and the amateur sleuth at the center of the story that it reminded me of Pessel's "Night Film." Maybe it's because in both books horror is at the center of art, and it comes w

  • Book of the Month

    Why I Love it

    by Sarah Bedwell

    In the world of mystery novels, there’s an elephant in the room that no one’s talking about: society’s fascination with violence against women. Don’t get me wrong, I love this genre, but sometimes I find myself wanting a little more feminism to go with all the female victimhood. Luckily, I found this in Still Lives, a suspenseful, splashy story about fame, sex, and how our culture views women’s bodies.

    Kim Lord is a prominent and provocative artist whose new show—a se