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Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done

"I well recall a conversation with an executive I hoped to interview about her astonishing productivity. I began our call with an assurance that I would not take much of her time. She laughed. 'Oh, I have all the time in the world,' she said."Most of us feel constantly behind, unsure how to escape feeling oppressed by busyness. Laura Vanderkam, unlike other time-management gurus, believes that in order to get more done, we must first feel like we have all the time in the world. Think about it: why haven't you trained for that 5K or read War and Peace? Probably because you feel beaten down by all the time you don't seem to have.In this book, Vanderkam reveals the seven counterintuitive principles the most time-free people have adopted. She teaches mindset shifts to help you feel calm on the busiest days and tools to help you get more done without feeling overwhelmed. You'll meet people such as... An elementary school principal who figured out how to spend more time mentoring teachers, and less time supervising the cafeteria An executive who builds lots of meeting-free space into his calendar, despite managing teams across multiple continents A CEO who does focused work in a Waffle House early in the morning, so he can keep an open door and a relaxed mindset all day An artist who overcame a creative block, and reached new heights of productivity, by being more gentle with herself, rather than more demandingThe strategies in this book can help if your life feels out of control, but they can also help if you want to take your career, your relationships, and your personal happiness to the next level. Vanderkam has packed this book with insights from busy yet relaxed professionals, including "time makeovers" of people who are learning how to use these tools. Off the Clock can inspire the rest of us to create lives that are not only productive, but enjoyable in the moment....

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Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done Reviews

  • Sarah

    Vanderkam on building in quality to the time you create by tracking your time. I'm an LVk fangirl and I liked it. It wasn't life-changing (like at least one of her other books has been for me) but it was good. It could probably have fit on an index card, but I get that she needed to make it a book. Because I read her blog, and get her newsletter, and listen to her podcast, and whatnot, there wasn't much new, but that's not her fault! I need to revisit it at a slightly less chaotic time (though p ...more

  • Adriana

    This book is great for fellow Type As like myself who have always done life 110% and also tried to absorb everything at 110%...and then we find ourselves getting older...having to prioritize. ''Living in the moment'' is such a meaningless social media post term, as there are a slew of scientific reasons behind why the human experience is never quite ''in the moment''. Yet through this book's simple ideas and vulnerability (mainly the author's life experiences), it is demonstrated HOW to apprecia ...more

  • Janssen

    I didn't feel like this was as readable as some of her books, but I LOVED it. So thoughtful and I was talking and thinking about it non-stop.

  • Kelly Lindner

    I loved it! Read my review here:

  • Kelly

    While Vanderkam's discussions center around time and time management, the biggest takeaways in this book aren't about time management: they're about effective energy management. As someone who chooses energy management over time management -- this works for me.

    We all have more time than we think, and being "busy" isn't a sign of importance. It's not an award to indicate a level of powerful work. If we looked at our days in thirty minute time chunks, we'd see the holes where "busy" doesn't exist,

  • Ashley

    This was my favorite of Laura’s books so far. It had her usual in-depth analysis of numbers and data about time but with a human effect. The ideas of how to live better were really enjoyable and attainable and brought a human element to her ways more than I’ve read from her before.