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Shes felt it beforethe fear of losing control. And its happening again. In the near future, an aggressive and terrifying new form of dementia is affecting victims of all ages. The cause is unknown, and the symptoms are disturbing. Dr. Gillian Ryan is on the cutting edge of research and desperately determined to find a cure. Shes already lost her husband to the disease, and now her young daughter is slowly succumbing as well. After losing her funding, she is given the unique opportunity to expand her research. She will travel with a NASA team to a space station where the crew has been stricken with symptoms of a similar inexplicable psychosismemory loss, trances, and violent, uncontrollable impulses.Crippled by a secret addiction and suffering from creeping paranoia, Gillian finds her journey becoming a nightmare as unexplainable and violent events plague the mission. With her grip weakening on reality, she starts to doubt her own innocence. And shes beginning to question so much morelike the true nature of the mission, the motivations of the crew, and every deadly new secret space has to offer.Merging thrilling science-fiction adventure with mind-bending psychological suspense, Wall Street Journal bestselling author Joe Hart explores both the vast mysteries of outer space and the even darker unknown that lies within ourselves....

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Obscura Reviews

  • The Behrg

    If I had to resort to the old Hollywood 5-second pitch, I'd describe this book as "Shutter Island in space." That being said, this one deserves much more than a quick cursory glance.

    Obscura hits the ground running, forcing the reader to start jogging along if you don't want to get left behind. A disease similar to dementia and Alzheimer's is now affecting healthy young individuals, from adults to children. Due to circumstances which you'll discover once you read the book -- because this IS a boo

  • Christine Roberts

    Review To Follow

  • Mogsy (MMOGC)

    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum

    Combining elements from science fiction and thriller-suspense, Joe Hart brings us a gripping tale set in the not-too-distant future where a new form of dementia known as Losian’s Disease is sweeping across the globe, affecting both the old and the young. No one knows the cause, but as the widow and the mother of Losian sufferers, Dr. Gillian Ryan is determined to find a cure. She has already lost her husband, and she’s not

  • Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows)

    While I loved the concept behind the book, it didn't quite work for me as much as I had hoped that it would. A mother desperate to find a cure for a new form of dementia that has taken her husband and is threatening to take her only child as well. She gets the opportunity to go into space to help NASA with the implication she can further her studies for a cure and then be funded for life after her mission has been completed. How far would you go for your child? What happens when the mission isn' ...more

  • Nadine

    Gripping science fiction mystery thriller that’s hard to put down. Unreliable protagonist ala girl on the train with an addiction problem, except it’s not a train but a spaceship hurtling to Mars.

    Very much a page turner and ends on a cliff hanger so hopefully there will be more.

  • Caidyn (BW Reviews; he/him/his)

    This review can also be found here!


    Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for an honest opinion! This did not affect my review.

    This is yet another book I'm surprised that I've heard nothing about. It has action, emotion, deep thought, a murder mystery. There's space, a new genetic disease, a mother's plight to save her child. Obscura is one of those books that has everything that you thought you might want.

    But, I thought, it could have used a bit more oomph.

    The basic plot follows Gilli

  • Candy

    In this new version of the world, planet earth is dying & a strange new sickness has started to kill with a fast acting virus that is a form of dementia. It does not discriminate between old & young, it just kills. The United Nations is eager to find a solution by searching space for an alternative place for mankind to live & to find a cure for this deadly virus. Dr. Gillian Ryan has lost her husband to the virus & now her young daughter has the disease. Gillian is determined to ...more

  • The Captain

    Ahoy there me mateys! I received this sci-fi thriller eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. So here be me honest musings . . .

    This was categorized as a thriller, which I don't normally read. However the cover and title were fascinating so I went to see what it was about. Well turns out it has a lot of science fiction elements so I happily got a copy. And what a thrilling ride this was!

    This book follows Dr. Gillian Ryan who studies the brain and a serious new form of dementia. Her