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A car lies crashed below a Welsh mountain road. One of the young women inside it is dead, the other badly injured, with no memory of who she is or what just happened. All she has is a bus pass showing her photograph and a name she doesnt recognise. As she struggles to recover from her injuries, a startling revelation shatters everything she thought she knew, forcing her into an uneasy alliance with Detective Bronwen Pryce. With danger closing in from all sides, the two women must work together to uncover the trutheven if it kills them...

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Alias Reviews

  • Yellagirlgc

    I can't imagine waking up after a serious car accident and nit remembering anything. I don't even want to imagine it. Some injuries heal and you remember again.

    It went a tad slow for me. Nothing ever grabbed me and sucked me in. It was ok.

  • Jem

    Devoured in a day! Amnesia-driven mystery/thriller written in the first person POV. First impressions: loved the mystery, didn't love the romance (what romance???, lol), and not enough Det. Pryce (well, the blurb kinda led me

    The cover though....?!?!?!? might have worked on another author's book. But on Cari Hunter's trademark grimy, gritty, bloody thrillers? Totally inappropriate. And in sub-zero English (or in this case Welsh) weather that is such an integral part of the book? No w

  • Tiff

    Cari Hunter gas a new book out, Alias. You don’t need to read further to know that this is a damn good book. It was written by Hunter, a damn good book is guaranteed each time she puts one out? I will expand because this is my review, DUH :), but one thing you can count on is that when you pick up a book by Hunter it is going to be awesome. She is an amazing author that weaves intricate tales and keeps you right on the edge of your seat.

    Alias introduces us to a woman, Rebecca Elliott, who has b

  • R

    Alias was actually the first book I read by this author, and it was very good. I loved how the two main characters developed over time, especially from stoicism and mistrust to braving true emotions. I also enjoyed the characters’ tone and the author’s use of certain phrases associated with her character’s ethnicity. This added to the realism of the story along with the very descriptive settings of England and Wales.

    The plot was very entertaining. As more characters came into play, the mystery

  • Cheryl Shrock

    I have read and enjoyed many of this author's previous books and I can't believe she wrote this one. The first and last 10% of the story was very interesting and exciting. But I felt the 80% in between very slow, confusing and basically uninteresting. There is very little story and it drags and drags. The lead character's lack of memory, dreams etc I thought was annoying and sometimes confusing. And the format is VERY English. I felt like I was guessing at all the abbreviations of law enforcemen ...more

  • Kexx

    It's so different to my usual read - a thriller with romance as a back drop, almost posted in as an after thought. But how do you rate these books? Did I enjoy it? Tick. Did it keep me entertained? Tick. Would I re-read it? Tick. Do I think about the characters when the book is finished? Tick. How can it not be five stars? Complex, rich and tasty - a real humdinger. Thank you.

  • Stephanie

    wow. I couldn't put this down. I loved the way it's written through the eyes of Alis-who has amnesia.

    The first person narrative is quick moving and draws you in right from the beginning...and doesn't let you go. Alis and Pryce are no Sanne and Meg (Dark Peak series)....but I felt the romance there. There was just so much else going on it definitely took a back seat...even to them. But, truly, I didn't mind.

    This is a great read.

    Cari Hunter fans won't be disappointed. Honestly, my only complaint.

  • Kennedy

    An entertaining and engaging mystery. From the beginning, this read pulled me in with the car crash and a women that did not survive and another badly injured. Detective Bronwen Pryce is articulated as a no nonsense police officer that is intriguing and someone the reader wants to know more about and Hunter does a good job of providing the information bit-by-bit. "Rebecca" does not know who she is and it was interesting to read how Hunter eases the reader in on who she is. the supporting charact ...more