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Prestigious. Powerful. Privileged. This is Fullbrook Academy, an elite prep school where history looms in the leafy branches over its brick walkways. But some traditions upheld in its hallowed halls are profoundly dangerous.Jules Devereux just wants to keep her head down, avoid distractions, and get into the right college, so she can leave Fullbrook and its old-boy social codes behind. She wants freedom, but ex-boyfriends and ex-best friends are determined to keep her in place.Jamie Baxter feels like an imposter at Fullbrook, but the hockey scholarship that got him in has given him a chance to escape his past and fulfill the dreams of his parents and coaches, whose mantra rings in his ears: Dont disappoint us.When Jamie and Jules meet, they recognize in each other a similar instinct for survival, but at a school where girls in the student handbook are rated by their looks, athletes stack hockey pucks in dorm room windows like notches on a bedpost, and school-sponsored dances push first year girls out into the night with senior boys, the stakes for safe sex, real love, and true friendship couldnt be higher.As Jules and Jamies lives intertwine, and the pressures to play by the rules and remain silent about the schools secrets intensify, they see Fullbrook for what it really is. That tradition, a word Fullbrook hides behind, can be ugly, even violent. Ultimately, Jules and Jamie are faced with the difficult question: can they stand together against classmatesand an institutionwho believe they can do no wrong?...

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ISBN : 9781481480345
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Tradition Reviews

  • Amy's Book Reviews

    1.5 STARS bumped up to 2 for trying.

    TRADITION checks all the boxes for books I usually love.

    Boarding school? Check

    Sexual assault and recovery? Check

    Calling out toxic masculinity? Check

    Here’s the BUT: but I not only didn’t love the story, I didn’t even like it.

    Some men write women so well, I don’t know their gender. Brendan Kiely isn’t one of those writers, at least not in TRADITION.

    TRADITION is a book that means very well. It’s an important story executed in too heavy handed a way to feel auth

  • Jillian Heise

    A powerful, emotional, and important book. With the dual POV, it adds another layer to the conversations around assault and consent that we should be having with all of our adolescents of any gender.

    Add this to a text set starting with Speak, and including any of the titles around assault and consent and power that you can find to reach our kids. This is a must add title for every high school classroom library.

  • Brittany

    Yes, it's another book about sexual assault and another book perfect for the never-ending #metoo display. Don't we have enough of these by now? No, no we don't because these stories are still happening and are stronger than ever. What sets this one apart is that it's written by a male author and it also has duel male and female first-person perspectives. I appreciated so much having that male point-of-view and think it adds another layer to the story. The ending was anti-climatic and felt a bit ...more

  • Sarah

    E-ARC from Edelweiss

    Oh my goodness, high school teachers and students-- this is a must. I heard the author speak as part of a panel at a recent conference, and I knew I had to read this. I was not disappointed. So much to consider and discuss...this book is important. Order now.

  • Beth Honeycutt

    4.5 stars! Excellent story with an important message. I liked Baxter/Bax/Buckeye the most of course:)

  • Jordan

    This book is so very important - so important that I stayed up until 2 am during finals week to finish reading it.

    The reason this book IS so important is because it attacks the rape culture that is in society and institutions that we sometimes refuse to believe and acknowledge, and it actually written by someone whose demographic (cis white male) is the most prevalent perpetrator of these beliefs.

    For a specific example as to why this is important? Let's focus on the institutional response. Mos

  • Kelly

    What the book attempts to do -- show the way that "tradition" and "honor" allow a system of rape culture and toxic masculinity to flourish -- it fails. There's nothing really showcasing "tradition" and "honor" until the last section of the book, the Winter Ball, which literally makes no sense in the context of the grander story.

    Both Jules and Bax are weakly developed. Jules is a stereotypical feminist and Bax is a ~woke white dude~ and her partner in crime. Neither are more than those stock sty

  • Kirsti

    Although I felt like this book had some great messages, it felt like the writing was weak, especially with character development and storyline. It took a long time for the confronting issue to occur, so long I wasn't sure if I missed it or what. I did however zoom through the book because I wanted to know what happened.

    If you want to know what the book is about, maybe read the description/ I sort of don't want to give away the plot in the review or even too much because I think it will spoil it.