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The Mermaid

From the author of Lost Boy comes a historical fairy tale about a mermaid who leaves the sea for love and later finds herself in P.T. Barnum's American Museum as the real Fiji mermaid. However, leaving the museum may be harder than leaving the sea ever was.Once there was a mermaid who longed to know of more than her ocean home and her people. One day a fisherman trapped her in his net but couldn't bear to keep her. But his eyes were lonely and caught her more surely than the net, and so she evoked a magic that allowed her to walk upon the shore. The mermaid, Amelia, became his wife, and they lived on a cliff above the ocean for ever so many years, until one day the fisherman rowed out to sea and did not return.P. T. Barnum was looking for marvelous attractions for his American Museum, and he'd heard a rumor of a mermaid who lived on a cliff by the sea. He wanted to make his fortune, and an attraction like Amelia was just the ticket.Amelia agreed to play the mermaid for Barnum, and she believes she can leave any time she likes. But Barnum has never given up a money-making scheme in his life, and he's determined to hold on to his mermaid....

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ISBN : 9780399584046
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 325 pages
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The Mermaid Reviews

  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)


    The world is not prepared for the epic tantrum I will engage in if I don't receive a copy of this immediately. And also everyone knows I'm Christina Henry's biggest fangirl so she's lucky I haven't Annie Wilkes'd her already to begin with.

  • Jennifer

    Note: The Mermaid is a reimagining of P.T. Barnum and his 1840s Feejee Mermaid hoax and not a retelling/reimagining of The Little Mermaid.

    I tend to have a hard time enjoying reimaginings/retellings of actual historical figures...especially when they're not portrayed in the best light. But this is where the author made a wise choice. She incorporated fantasy/mythology so even though a name may be familiar, it's part of a world that doesn't entirely exist. Christina Henry reimagines popular charac

  • Lauren

    Ohhhhhhh my, this was so freaking amazing.

    The following review can be found at

    Disclaimer: I received this book from Titan Books in exchange for an honest review. This doesn't influence my opinions and all my opinions and thoughts are my own.

    5 out of 5 Stars

    Wow where do I begin. Christina Henry has done it again. She is one of my favourite authors and her books never disappoint. Christina Henry has a gift for taking tales and adding her own dark twists to th

  • Miranda Reads

    4.5 stars

    The fisherman loosed her and she dove back into the water the way a wild thing returns to a wild place, and he watched her go.

    But...his loneliness snaked into her, and she was sorry for it, for that loneliness caught her more surely than the net.
    Amelia - a young, restless mermaid - spent her entire life in the ocean with her family. Yet, despite the security and safety the deep ocean offered, she couldn't stand it.

    So, she swam off to discover the mysteries of this world...only t ...more

  • Lindsey

    Thank you to Berkley Pub for the free review copy.

    I love a good retelling, and Christina Henry is no amateur. Having only read Alice so far, I was expecting this book to be much darker. This did not, however, take away from the fact that it was an excellent retelling. It had hints of the story of The Little Mermaid that we all know and love, but it was also its own unique story as well. Admittedly, I don't know much about P. T. Barnum, but after reading The Mermaid, I suddenly have the urge to w

  • Barb (Boxermommyreads)

    So last year, "Lost Boy" was one of my favorite reads. So when I saw this one was coming out, I immediately thought it would be another great dark tale from Henry. Then I started hearing it wasn't dark at all... and I became worried. However, I recently read a few reviews from some of my favorite bloggers and they seemed to really enjoy this one and hey, at least I knew going into it not to expect dark and gruesome (although I still wanted dark and gruesome).

    So imagine my surprise at how much I

  • Katherine Moore

    'The Mermaid' has immediately gone onto my favorites list, so I can tell you right away that this book is an absolute treat.

    When I grabbed my early copy of it at Emerald City Con at the weekend, I hadn't heard it was coming out, so I certainly didn't harbor any expectations for it, and to be honest, I'm not even a big fan of fairytale retellings. Plus I had to dispel any recent images of killer mermaids I still had in my head after reading 'Into the Drowning Deep, and I thought this would be th

  • destiny ☠ howling libraries

    He knew then, without any other proof, that she was a mermaid, a real mermaid, and far from wanting her in Barnum’s tank, he wanted her to return to the ocean or to her cottage on the rocks or just go anywhere but there, for Barnum would take all of her magic and twist it out of her until the enchantment was gone, and Levi was afraid for her, so afraid.

    When I heard that Christina Henry was writing a story about a mermaid, my first thought was that, as well-known as she is for fantasy retell ...more