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All We Ever Wanted

In the riveting new novel from the #1 New York Times bestselling author of First Comes Love and Something Borrowed, three very different people must choose between their family and their values.Nina Browning is living the good life after marrying into Nashvilles elite. More recently, her husband made a fortune selling his tech business, and their adored son has been accepted to Princeton. Yet sometimes the middle-class small-town girl in Nina wonders if shes strayed from the person she once was.Tom Volpe is a single dad working multiple jobs while struggling to raise his headstrong daughter, Lyla. His road has been lonely, long, and hard, but he finally starts to relax after Lyla earns a scholarship to Windsor Academy, Nashvilles most prestigious private school.Amid so much wealth and privilege, Lyla doesnt always fit inand her overprotective father doesnt helpbut in most ways, shes a typical teenage girl, happy and thriving.Then, one photograph, snapped in a drunken moment at a party, changes everything. As the image spreads like wildfire, the Windsor community is instantly polarized, buzzing with controversy and assigning blame.At the heart of the lies and scandal, Tom, Nina, and Lyla are forced togetherall questioning their closest relationships, asking themselves who they really are, and searching for the courage to live a life of true meaning....

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All We Ever Wanted Reviews

  • Berit☀️✨Traveling Sister✨

    5 Thought Provoking Stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    This book is a MUST read! Not only was it absolutely brilliant it also touched on so many of today’s issues... it was a book that really made you think... what would I do in that situation? And as a single mother of two boys and a girl I could see so many sides of this story... and this book really made you realize that with social media a teenager’s reputation can be trashed in a matter of minutes.... makes you long for the good old days when you needed to make a

  • Sheyla ✎


    One photo will irreversibly change the lives of two families in the latest Emily Giffin novel.

    Nina Browning has it all. She's married, she's rich and her son was recently accepted into Princeton. She had everything she wanted. She gives back to her community by dedicating her free time to her philanthropy and attending event after event on the arm of her handsome husband.

    Nina didn't come from money. Her life could have been very different if she had remained with her high school boyfriend.

  • Amy

    I’m a huge fan of Emily Giffin, when she has a new book out I don’t hesitate to add to my TBR without reading the description, I always know I’ll like whatever she releases. While Something Borrowed and Something Blue will always be my firm favorites, AWEW has now landed itself a spot next to them, this was insanely good you guys!

    This is told from several perspectives; Nina mother of Finch who is accused of snapping a wildly inappropriate picture of another narrator, Lyla and then you also hear

  • Michelle

    As a parent of a 12 year old son that seems to be growing quicker than I'd like him to be I found this book to be quite terrifying. We all want to believe our children are thoughtful, empathetic, and responsible beings but that's not always the case and sometimes our children are going to disappoint us.

    The entire time I was reading this novel I couldn't help but think "What would I do?" My emotions really went through the ringer with this one. I was angry, I was frustrated, I was sad, yet I was

  • Carlene Inspired

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    Nina Browning sometimes can't believe the life she is leading. From the wrong side of town, Nina has married into money and found herself among the elite; she's friends with the wives and is raising a son expected to go on to Princeton. It's almost a dream come true, except she can't help but feel like she's strayed from the girl she once was, especially when her approach to an incident is very different from her husband and their friends.

    Tom Volp

  • Meredith B.  (readingwithmere)

    4.5 Stars rounded up!

    I love Emily Giffin and I get so excited when I hear the annoucement that a new book of her's is coming out. She seems to take really relevant experiences and apply them to a fictional story so that we can all somehow relate.

    Nina and Kirk are a wealthy couple. They drive nice cars, they have a 4 million dollar house and they have a housekeeper who does all the work for them. They also have a son, Finch, who just got into Princeton and is not only a great student but an all a

  • Marialyce

    My reviews can be found at : https://yayareadslotsofbooks.wordpres...

    The teenage years! Can you ever forget them? No matter how old you are you can flashback to those years with trepidation and the thought that god I am glad those are over. It is a time of so much that is unsure, the feelings, the emotions, the constant knowing that it always seemed as if your life was spiraling out of control. The arguments, the searching for control....yes, the teenage years were often hell, but they were also

  • Jill Croce-McGill

    Emily Griffin did not disappoint with All We Ever Wanted. She takes us on a powerful journey through marriage, motherhood, friendship, teen life, racism, and the negative effect of social media. This book definitely deals with some heavy topics that are going on in today's world right now.

    The story is told from three points of view: Nina, Tom, and Lyla (Tom's daughter). I have to say, I loved all three of these characters! First, we have Nina, she is living the dream. She has a wealthy handsome