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The Lonely Witness

Amy was once a party girl, but she now lives a lonely life, helping the house-bound to receive communion in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn. She stops in at one of the apartments on her route, where Mrs. Epifanio, the elderly woman who lives there, says she hasnt seen her usual caretaker, Diane, in a few days. Supposedly, Diane has the fluor so Dianes son Vincent said when he first dropped by and vanished into Mrs. Es bedroom to do no-one-knows-what.Amys brief interaction with Vincent in the apartment that day sets off warning bells, so she assures Mrs. E that shell find out whats really going on with both him and his mother. She tails Vincent through Brooklyn, eventually following him and a mysterious man out of a local dive bar. At first, the men are only talking as they walk, but then, almost before Amy can register what has happened, Vincent is dead.For reasons she cant quite understand, Amy finds herself captivated by both the crime she witnessed and the murderer himself. She doesnt call the cops to report what shes seen. Instead, she collects the murder weapon from the sidewalk and soon finds herself on the trail of a killer.Character-driven and evocative, The Lonely Witness brings Brooklyn to life in a way only a native can, and opens readers eyes to the harsh realities of crime and punishment on the city streets....

Title : The Lonely Witness
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ISBN : 9781681777955
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 272 pages
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The Lonely Witness Reviews

  • Richard

    William Boyle's new novel isn't exactly a sequel to his previous one, Gravesend , but we do follow Amy, a small side character from that first novel, a party girl who formed a relationship with Gravesend's heroine, Alessandra. In The Lonely Witness she has cut herself off from her past life after Alessandra abandons her, and sequesters herself socially in her Brooklyn neighborhood, where she volunteers for a local Catholic church, providing in-home communion for the elderly.

    Once again, Boyle p

  • Katie McGuire

    To start off, I'm biased—I acquired and edited this book for Pegasus. But I only work on projects I know I would've found—and fallen in love with—on my own. As a lifelong mystery fan (thanks, Nancy Drew),THE LONELY WITNESS is exactly the kind of novel I love. It's a mystery with so much more built in, exploring the complexities of one woman's mind and the ways in which our lives tangle with our neighbors and our friends. I've never lived in Brooklyn, but I am a native New Yorker, and so I know t ...more

  • Benoit Lelièvre

    My patience for losers and marginals in literature has worn thin a long time ago, but leave it to Boyle to write the most sincere, realistic characters in need of a change of life. Young Amy is running in circles in her old stomping ground and looking for a way out, which she gets offered through tragedy. A tough novel to rank because it has technical problems, but a purpose so powerful is almost transcends them.

    William Boyle is one of the most reliable writers we have working today and The Lone

  • Andrew

    Top Newcomer

    Boyle is the real deal. Gritty hardboiled novel set in Brooklyn, not quite noir but almost. This is the author’s second novel- his first, Gravesend, is being reissued later this year. Get on the bandwagon early with this great new crime writer.

  • Marion

    Overall I liked the book. I could have done without the political commentary, and found the ending a little disappointing and sad. I preferred the big-hearted Amy from the beginning of the book, but didn’t like who she became at the end. However, there were plenty of other colorful characters (although a bit exaggerated) and enough suspense to keep me reading.

  • Lauren

    Occasionally, I will know that something is a bad idea and that I will regret doing it, and then, fully in possession of this knowledge, I will go ahead and do the bad thing anyway. I haven't yet taken a murder weapon from a crime scene, but, you know, I'm young yet. Anything could happen.

    Suffice to say, while I could see how Amy's virtual disconnect between her judgment and her actions could annoy someone, I found it to be just on the right side of unsettling and something that made for a stron

  • Tonstant Weader

    William Boyle’s The Lonely Witness drew me in with the title. It is a compelling idea. I can imagine all sorts of stories with a lonely witness, but none of my imaginings came close to the wild ride Boyle takes us on. We begin with Amy, a heartbroken young woman who has lost her mojo after her lover Alessandra left her to pursue success in Hollywood. She drops out of the world of bars and parties and began volunteering at the neighborhood church, bringing communion to seniors in the neighborhood ...more

  • Jamie Canaves

    Great Character Driven Crime Novel

    I can see why people get frustrated with characters that don’t react/respond in situations the way a reader would, but for me I think we most likely won’t react the way we think we will in extreme situations. Also, I don’t find it interesting to watch characters behave like me. I enjoy reading the exploration of “But why would you do that?!”–and that was certainly the main character Amy. Living in a Brooklyn neighborhood, Amy has reduced her life after her girl