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By Fire Above (Signal Airship #2)

"All's fair in love and war," according to airship captain Josette Dupre, until her hometown becomes occupied by the enemy and her mother a prisoner of war. Then it becomes, "Nothing's fair except bombing those Vins to high hell."Before she can rescue her town, however, Josette must maneuver her way through the nest of overstuffed vipers that make up the nation's military and royal leaders in order to drum up support. The foppish and mostly tolerated crew member Lord Bernat steps in to advise her, along with his very attractive older brother.Between noble scheming, under-trained recruits, and supply shortages, Josette and the crew of the Mistral figure out a way to return to Durumonly to discover that when the homefront turns into the frontlines, things are more dangerous than they seem....

Title : By Fire Above (Signal Airship #2)
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ISBN : 9780765388797
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 368 pages
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By Fire Above (Signal Airship #2) Reviews

  • Chris Bauer

    The second book in Robyn Bennis' Signal Airship series "By Fire Above" is every bit as good as the first.

    As a note, I'd HIGHLY recommend starting with that book before reading "By Fire Above" The book was thoroughly enjoyable as a stand-alone novel, but there were numerous scenes in which prior events are referenced and for the full enjoyment of it, one should be aware of that chronology.

    I loved this book for the same reasons I enjoyed the first.

    - unique worldbuilding

    - excellent research and "i

  • Shane Jardine

    I don’t even know where to start with this review, I loved The Guns Above last year so I was pretty excited to receive this book in the mail a few weeks ago and was honestly a little surprised by how much it exceeded my expectations. By Fire Above by Robyn Bennis was a fast-paced adventure full of nearly nonstop action and adventure that I was unable to put down once I had started reading. I’m normally not a huge fan of military fiction but this is the second piece of military fiction by Robyn B ...more

  • Sontaranpr

    Continues in the same manner as the first one with more sass and more inter-character niggle. The poor airship and her crew get chunks blown out of each them while we encounter a first officer who should look up the term "fragging" in the dictionary. Lots of fun, plenty of musket fire, and you can choose your crew but not your family.

  • Beth Cato

    The second book in Bennis's Signal Airship series is even stronger than the first book, beginning at a fast clip that continues all the way through. What I love about these books is that they approach steampunk from a military standpoint; even with some fantastical elements, the airships feel realistic and the technological advantages and disadvantages of the vessels play a major role throughout.

    By Fire Above isn't all about battle, though. Courtly political machinations also play a vital part--

  • Craig Pearson

    This was a well crafted military novel that keeps you interested and turning pages. I have never read any other stories of the series and therein lie my issues with this book. The author does little to explain the world that is the focus of the story. He also does not explain very well how the airships are built and held together. The terminology used is vague and seemingly sometimes made up.

  • laurel [suspected bibliophile]

    3.5 stars

    Josette and crew head to the capital for some much needed rest and refitting, but they find that both are in short supply. Between hoarding quartermasters, skyrocketing supply prices and oblivious nobles, Josette has her work cut out for her if she wants to push the army towards retaking Durum.

    While I loved the first book's steampunk nature and its go-go-go plot, this installation in the signal airship series took a while to find its rhythm. The crew spends an eternity in Kuchin galliva

  • Deborah Ross

    In this sequel to The Guns Above, Robyn Bemis continues the steampunk adventures of a woman airship captain. Once again, Josette Dupree, captain of His Majesty’s Signal Airship Mistral, along with her intrepid crew and not-so-intrepid supercargo, aristocrat Lord Bernat Hinkal, have been given an impossible mission: with glamorous but woefully inadequate repairs to the airship, she is to play a largely ceremonial role at the capital city. None of the real damage the airship sustained in the last ...more

  • Joanne

    A fun, action-filled adventure with airships, undercover missions and snark.