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Jar of Hearts

This is the story of three best friends: one who was murdered, one who went to prison, and one who's been searching for the truth all these years . . .When she was sixteen years old, Angela Wongone of the most popular girls in schooldisappeared without a trace. Nobody ever suspected that her best friend, Georgina Shaw, now an executive and rising star at her Seattle pharmaceutical company, was involved in any way. Certainly not Kaiser Brody, who was close with both girls back in high school.But fourteen years later, Angela Wong's remains are discovered in the woods near Geo's childhood home. And Kaisernow a detective with Seattle PDfinally learns the truth: Angela was a victim of Calvin James. The same Calvin James who murdered at least three other women.To the authorities, Calvin is a serial killer. But to Geo, he's something else entirely. Back in high school, Calvin was Geo's first love. Turbulent and often volatile, their relationship bordered on obsession from the moment they met right up until the night Angela was killed.For fourteen years, Geo knew what happened to Angela and told no one. For fourteen years, she carried the secret of Angela's death until Geo was arrested and sent to prison.While everyone thinks they finally know the truth, there are dark secrets buried deep. And what happened that fateful night is more complex and more chilling than anyone really knows. Now the obsessive past catches up with the deadly present when new bodies begin to turn up, killed in the exact same manner as Angela Wong.How far will someone go to bury her secrets and hide her grief? How long can you get away with a lie? How long can you live with it?...

Title : Jar of Hearts
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781250154194
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 311 pages
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Jar of Hearts Reviews

  • Susanne Strong

    4 Fabulous Stars.

    You know that old saying, “the past will always come back to haunt you?” Well, no one's past could ever possibly out do Georgina (Geo) Shaw’s.

    Geo is now an uber successful business woman. She had the best friends in High School. The kind of friends you never forget, the kind that haunt you. They did everything together. Until the day Geo met Calvin James. He is older, absolutely gorgeous and quite devious. He is also controlling and manipulative, yet Geo is drawn to him. It’s th

  • Carol


    JAR OF HEARTS is the story of three high school buddies, one popular and beautiful (who flaunts it)....and who is murdered, another beauty who is haunted by memories of violence and death....and trying to survive prison life (yikes!) and a man who pines for his first love, but continues to search for truth and justice.

    And that's just the beginning....there's SO much more here! A serial killer with close connections to our three friends is on the loose....AGAIN! Graves are discove


  • Jasmine from How Useful It Is

    About: Jar of Hearts is a thriller written by Jennifer Hillier. It will be published on 6/12/18 by Minotaur Books, an imprint of St. Martin’s Press, paperback, 320 pages. The genres are thriller, mystery, and fiction.

    My Experience: I started reading Jar of Hearts on 3/11/18 and finished it on 3/18/18. This book is an excellent read! I love how the book is divided into different parts with its unique focus. I like the mention about a couple, Bowens, who waited to start a family and then suffered

  • Larry H

    That's the feeling I get when a book that everyone else has been raving about turns out to be as amazing as you hoped. In this case, believe the hype—Jennifer Hillier's Jar of Hearts is pretty fantastic!!

    "The past is always with you, whether you choose to think about it or not, whether you take responsibility for it or not. You carry the past with you because it transforms you. You can try to bury it and pretend it never happened, but that doesn't work. Geo knows that from experience. Because b

  • Kendall

    "You carry the past with you because it transforms you."

    Stop right there..... this is your thriller for the summer!!

    I'm going through a book hangover after finishing this. Jennifer Hillier I'm a HUGE fan of your work after this masterpiece. I can't wait to see what you come out with next!!

    The past always comes back to haunt you one way or another. I think we've all experienced this at one point or another in our lives... but Georgina Shaw knows this too well. At the age of sixteen, Georgina's

  • Taryn

    The past is always with you, whether you choose to think about it or not, whether you take responsibility for it or not. You carry the past with you because it transforms you. You can try to bury it and pretend it never happened, but that doesn’t work. Geo knows that from experience. Because buried things can, and do, come back.

    The Sweetbay community was mystified when popular high school cheerleader Angela Wong went missing. Georgina (Geo) stood dutifully by her best friend’s parents sides fo ...more

  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader & Traveling Sister

    **4.5 exciting stars to Jar of Hearts! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥.5

    Jar of Hearts is about three best friends, Angela, Georgina, and Kaiser- one was murdered, one is in prison, and one is searching for answers.

    Angela Wong was 16 years old when she went missing, not to be found until 14 years later...

    During this time no one ever suspected one of her best friends, Georgina, was involved. But Angela’s remains were found near Georginia’s childhood home, and she has been implicated in some way.

    Kaiser is now a police d

  • Mary Beth *Traveling Sister*

    4.5 stars

    Geo's best friend, Angela Wong, vanished without a trace, when she was in high school. No one found out what happened to her until 14 years later. Her remains were found in the woods behind Geo's house.

    Angela died when she was 16 years old. She was murdered

    She now has a successful job, and all that is lost when she is arrested. Geo 's boyfriend, Calvin James is also arrested.

    Geo knew for 14 years what happened to Angela and told no one. She kept that secret. Kaiser Brody is the detectiv