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The Opposite of Here

There's no hiding on a cruise ship - not even from yourself. Natalie's parents are taking her and her three best friends on a cruise for her seventeenth birthday. A sail-a-bration, they call it. But it's only been a few short months since Natalie's boyfriend died in a tragic accident, and she wants to be anywhere but here. Then she meets a guy on the first night and sparks fly. After a moonlit conversation on a secluded deck of the ship, Natalie pops down to her cabin to get her swimsuit so they can go for a dip. But when she returns, he's gone. Something he said makes her think he might have . . . jumped? No, he couldn't have. But why do her friends think she's crazy for wanting to make sure he's okay? Also, why do they seem to be hiding something from her? And how can she find him when she doesn't even know his name? Most importantly, why is the captain on the intercom announcing the urgent need for a headcount?...

Title : The Opposite of Here
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ISBN : 9781681197067
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 256 pages
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The Opposite of Here Reviews

  • Susan

    Well I didn’t enjoy this book. It was very choppy and I didn’t connect to any of the characters. Natalie was ridiculously foolish. I think the mystery part of it was supposed to be intriguing. But I honestly didn’t care what happened. Disappointed.

    I was provided an ARC by NetGalley and the publisher.

  • emma

    This book is...bonkers.

    I kind of expected and/or hoped that this book would be totally full on bonkers, because it’s a thriller and thrillers are more thrilling if they’re bonkers.

    Everyone knows that.

    This book wasn’t all that creepy. Or scary. Or thrilling, I guess. But bonkers? Yes.

    It might actually be bonkers because it’s not any of those things.

    I will back up.

    Natalie’s boyfriend died a couple months back in a car accident and she’s been, understandably, a liiiiiil mopey ever since. So her par

  • Anna

    I absolutely LOVED! this book. It took me till the third page (ish) before I was hooked. I will admit I’m usually picky when it comes to the hook. If I’m not pulled in within the first chapter I usually won’t finish it. So I was getting a little worried. But from page 3 on I couldn’t put the book down. Took me 4 hours to read and I wish there was more. (Because I’m now attached to the characters not because it ended in a cliffhanger)

    Since it’s a thriller it’s hard to explain the plot without giv

  • Emilie Hendryx

    My rating: 3.8*

    I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book. I initially thought that it was general fiction, but the protagonist is turning 17, and I feel the book itself fits more in the YA category.

    I enjoyed the premise, especially the setting of a cruise ship, and felt the story moved along at a good pace. One thing to note is that there are no chapters in this book. Just divisions by scene sometimes involving memories. It’s labeled as a mystery and I would say that is accurate, along with th

  • Lily (latestreads)

    The Opposite Of Here pleasantly surprised me! Going into the book, I knew that there would be a mystery/suspense element, while on a cruise ship, with some Hitchcock-inspired moments.

    It sounded great from the start, and I was so excited to dive into the story.

    The first part of the book that I noticed was how the main character loves and pretty much always thinks about movies, especially some Hitchcock moments. The book starts with "Fade in on me. I'm in my attic bedroom...". I enjoyed how this

  • Nina-Tala (JustAddAWord) Shannak

    This book promised more than it could deliver, and therefore I am kiiiiinda pissed off. As my rating, you know, shows.


  • Reading Teen

    This was a fun fast read. The mystery wasn’t quite as exciting or intriguing as I was hoping but I still flew through the book. You can tell by my updates that I wasn’t really a fan of any of the characters. The MC, Natalie was such a downer. I mean, I know there are people like this in the world, and I know she kind of had her reasons, but they just don’t make interesting characters to read about. Her friends were jerks, the love interest(s) were jerks, she was kind of a jerk. I stayed engaged ...more

  • Janet

    A page turner of a verse novel. Maybe not as good as some of her other books, but one I couldn't put down--and passed on to a teen who was sitting across from me at La Guardia waiting for our plane.