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Love and Other Words

Love, loss, friendship, and the betrayals of the past all collide in this first fiction novel from New York Times and #1 international bestselling author Christina Lauren (Autoboyography, Dating You / Hating You).The story of the heart can never be unwritten.Macy Sorensen is settling into an ambitious if emotionally tepid routine: work hard as a new pediatrics resident, plan her wedding to an older, financially secure man, keep her head down and heart tucked away.But when she runs into Elliot Petropoulosthe first and only love of her lifethe careful bubble shes constructed begins to dissolve. Once upon a time, Elliot was Macys entire worldgrowing from her gangly bookish friend into the man who coaxed her heart open again after the loss of her mother...only to break it on the very night he declared his love for her.Told in alternating timelines between Then and Now, teenage Elliot and Macy grow from friends to much morespending weekends and lazy summers together in a house outside of San Francisco devouring books, sharing favorite words, and talking through their growing pains and triumphs. As adults, they have become strangers to one another until their chance reunion. Although their memories are obscured by the agony of what happened that night so many years ago, Elliot will come to understand the truth behind Macys decade-long silence, and will have to overcome the past and himself to revive her faith in the possibility of an all-consuming love....

Title : Love and Other Words
Author :
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ISBN : 9781501190537
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 432 pages
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Love and Other Words Reviews

  • Heather 'Bookables'


  • Chelsea (chelseadolling reads)

    I really really really really liked this one, slow burn and all! Although I will say there was a point where I felt like the love interest was forgiven WAY too easily for something that I personally would never have gotten over, but it was still really good. Christina Lauren are back to being autobuy authors for me!

  • Lana ❇✾Dirty Girl Romance❇✾

    4 STARS

    Other people have a falling-out. What we had felt like a rupture.

    I don't typically read women's fiction, unless of course it's penned by the talented duo that is Christina Lauren. Then I don't even think twice about jumping into the story. Though truth be told, while the story encompasses friendship, life and loss, the romantic element is very much at the heart of everything. So even though it wasn't the steamy romance that I'm used to from theses authors, the emotional connection tha ...more

  • Ⓐlleskelle - teamSøren♗ ⊲I like big b00ks⊳

    There is no hiding the fact I'm a Christina Lauren enthusiast. They publish a book, I'm reading it. No matter the genre, no matter the blurb, no matter what, really.

    I love their writing and pretty much loved all the characters carved out by the literary duo.

    When I first heard about Love and Other Words I was over the moon, I had just finished Roomies and needed my next CLo fix.

    Woman's fiction is not a genre I'm often turning to, but I believed Christina Lauren writing woman fiction would just

    I never got to fall out of love. I just had to move on.

    I started this book loving every word, every detail, all the small features making Christina Lauren's characters unique.

    Every inch of your skin I made diligently; months I slaved over you. You are my masterpiece. I miss you. I love you.

    Macy's letters from her mother. Macy's relationship with her dad. Macy's point of view, every single peculiarity, curiosity of her teenage mind. She was a lovely character to discover, to read about and it took very little time for me to fall in love with her. I want to put an emphasis on how much I adored the story Christina Lauren created for her. Her upbringing, her mom, her dad… It was a beautiful thing to read.

    I remember the way he would hug her when he got home from work. He would wrap his arms all the way around her shoulders, press his face into her hair while his body curved over hers. His arms became a set of parentheses bracketing the sweetest secret phrase.

    Present time, the "now" Macy is a brilliant new pediatric resident, and shares a comfortable and convenient but overall unhappy relationship with Sean.

    One day she has the shock of her life when she meets again with Elliot. The one.

    Any contact between her and Elliot, her best friend from "Then" has been severed eleven years ago and we have no idea why.

    With a painstaking attention to details, Christina Lauren takes us on an excruciating journey through past and present and illustrates one of the sweetest tale of friendship I've had the pleasure to read. To give you an idea of the level of cuteness and the attachement I started to develop for the characters, I had "My Girl" vibes reading about Elliot and Macy's tender bonding. I needed this book to never end and I wanted to crawl in it and never leave.

    Painfully aware the back and forth between past and present was only slowly bringing heartache in its wake, I couldn't help but read voraciously, lovingly, and with complete wonder every little idiosyncrasies, any small detail, whatever scraps of memories once shared by Macy and Elliot, the very fine points of their significant link. The core of their balance.

    The past POV reeled me in, I wanted to stay in the past and bask in this feeling of love and innocence, of first times, of perfect summers and discoveries.

    But also I wanted, needed to know what had happened to make Macy and Elliot's world implode, to lead them apart and push Macy to choose conveniency and safety over love and happiness. The present POV felt dull and tasteless, but held hope when Macy accepted to give her relationship with Elliot a chance to start over. To be friends again.

    Romance, emotional turmoil, loss, friendship and soul searing connections. This book had everything and until 80% I was sure of one thing, this was going to be a 5 stars read.

    Until we finally learn the cause behind all the hurt. The reason leading soulmates apart for over a decade of time. I honestly had no tangible idea in mind, I could only speculate but any reason I came up with felt... impossibly lame. Whatever had caused them to grow apart must have been huge, that was the only possibility in my mind. And I guess here lies my disappointment. I came to expect something different, something extraordinary, something as original as the rest of the story.

    The primary reason felt so... cliché. Absurd and so out of character for Elliot.

    It's hard to explain without giving away any spoilers. Let's say it felt inadequate in regard to how special both Elliot and Macy treated each other. It felt so mundane suddenly. It made characters I had put so much esteem into, fall hard from their pedestal.

    And then I felt such disappointment from the authors for taking the easy way out about this one fateful night. It felt so different and held so much contrast in comparison to the amount and care for small details delivered throughout the story, to keep whatever led to this one night mistake pretty vague and surrounded in shadows. Overlooked.

    To me, this whole story stopped rather abruptly and ended in such an anticlimactic manner when all the building leading to it had been fascinating and spectacular.

    I would still highly recommend Love and Other Words, I know many readers didn't share my qualms regarding the ending, so it could be my own issue. In any case, the characters, the storyline and the writing deserve my highest praise. Christina Lauren proved once again how talented they are by delivering a tenderly poignant and moving story.

    I received an Advance Review Copy

    More reviews and book talk at :

    You can find me here too ☞ ...more

  • Chris  Carroll

    Sigh... oh what a build up. Sweet ending.


    I have so many words that come into my mind about this story that it is hard to even say what I want to say. In the intro I talked about how this writing team just knows how to pull your emotional strings and drag you into the depths of longing between the characters.

    This story is frustrating, yet so addicting. You want to know what happened. No, you are desperate to know… so you just keep holding your breath and keep on re

  • Manju

    Cute and adorable.

  • JewelsyGoolsy

    3.25 Stars

    I started off loving the premise and the awesome potential that the H delivered at the beginning. Then the h -in both past and present (mainly present)- started flip flopping around and playing mind games with her wishy-washy mixed signals and the magic faded little by little for me. Still, it was workable and I finished it in one sitting so kudos to the authors for that. Told in only h’s POV and standalone story with HFN ending.

  • Taylor

    Happy Book Birthday to CL's newest addition to the family!

    3.75 out of 5 Stars.

    So here's the thing: I love Christina Lauren. Ever since I devoured Roomies (yeah, I know, I'm late to the party...), I've been a full-fledged fan. So you can imagine my overjoyed reaction when I discovered I'd won a Goodreads giveaway for an ARC of their newest novel!!! Serious levels of fangirling, y'all!

    Moving on...

    This book charmed me from the start and I instantly fell for our two leads. The story was engaging