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In a novel of mounting psychological suspense, a young mother follows a dangerous path to find her missing husband.Veronica Cavanaughs grasp on the world is slipping. Her latest round of fertility treatments not only failed but left her on edge and unbalanced. And her three-year-old daughter, Elizabella, has a new imaginary friend, who seems much more devilish than playful. So when Veronicas husband fails to return home from a business trip, whats left of her stability begins to crumble.Given her familys history of mental illness, and Elizabellas insistence that her daddy is dead, Veronica starts questioning herself. Every move she makes is now suspect. Worse still, Veronica is positive that someone wants her and her daughter dead, toounless its all in her mindSomewhere beneath her paranoia is the answer to her husbands vanishing. To find it, shes led to a house in the Florida Keys. But once there, she isnt sure she wants to know the truth....

Title : Trespassing
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ISBN : 9781503949072
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Number of Pages : 384 pages
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Trespassing Reviews

  • Lauren

    I'm currently giving away a copy of TRESPASSING here. US only!

    Does anyone else think that thrillers this year just keep getting better and better? Honestly, I think each one I read is better than the last, and Brandi Reeds's Trespassing only proves this further in my opinion.

    Trespassing is not good, not great, but EXCELLENT! I made the fatal mistake of starting this at 10 pm at night. Silly me...I thought I could read a couple of chapters and put it down for the night, but of course that's not

  • Darcia Helle

    Trespassing is an eerie, surprising, slow burn that kept me reading even while my eyes were begging to close.

    Early on, I worried this would be a storyline of which I've grown weary, with a naive woman duped by her lying and controlling husband. But this story takes us to totally unexpected places, and it's not at all a rehashed version of the stereotypical duped housewife.

    The writing is exceptional. I felt the emotional pull; the confusion, the anxiety, the fear. Because Veronica is narrating, h

  • Kristin


    Not my cup of tea.

    I found the plot boring. The characters weak (as in spineless) and unrealistic. Elizabella (...that name...*sigh*) was a spoiled brat and Veronica was so spineless she was letting her 3 year old run the show.

    What drew me to this book was the character going for fertility treatments, as someone who also suffers from infertility and had to get treatments as well (though it was minor treatment, compared to IVF) I was kind of excited to read about a kindred spirit of sorts...but

  • Joey Rushing

    1.5 Stars— “Trespassing” by Brandi Reeds was a Kindle First selection that I read based on the very good reviews it received on both Goodreads and Amazon. I really enjoyed the beginning of the novel as Veronica, the mother and main character, becomes worried after her 3 year old child develops a strange relationship with her imaginary friend, Nini. When Nini begins to predict some tragic events in Veronica’s family’s life and they end up coming true, the novel reaches its creepiest and highest p ...more

  • Madeline

    Be careful when making a cake! or maybe—-

    Where in the World is MICAH????!

    The author spent some time planning this story---sort of. I liked the mystery, the way Veronica’s life began to change when unexpected events took place, how she dealt with the blows.

    The best part of the book for me was the adorable Bella, because of what she had to say and the way she interacted with her mommy. I loved the description of how she blew up her cheeks when angry, stuck out her lower lip and crossed her littl

  • Amy's Book Reviews

    3.5 STARS

    When Bella begins talking to her imaginary friend Nini, Veronica worries three-year-old Elizabella may have inherited her mother and grandmother’s schizophrenia. Bella predicts her father Micah’s death and then he disappears. Veronica discovers Micah has secrets, so many secrets. Then the police begin looking at her like a suspect in his presumed murder and she wonders if she’s the one who inherited the mental illness.

    Brandi Reeds’ debut novel kept me interested and wondering what was *

  • Elizabeth

    This book did keep me guessing until the end, but I found too many things about it annoying to say that I liked it. The little girl in this story is supposedly only 3 years old, but that's not believable, as she's written more like a 5 or 6 year old. She's also a very annoying character and drove me nuts (her name alone brings forth an eyeroll every time I read it). The main character was an annoying pushover. About 3/4 of the way into the book, I grew tired of her repetitive inner dialogue, in ...more

  • Giulia

    Not my favorite kind of book, the story meandered and I just could not get into it. I am glad I got it for free for my March Amazon Prime pick. I am sorry I could not like this book more. The characters all grated on me and I could not feel even empathy for the main character when she has lost the "love of her life". I would give the author another chance it is just this book had way too much going on it for me to truly enjoy it.