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Give Me Some Truth

Carson Mastick is entering his senior year of high school and desperate to make his mark, on the reservation and off. A rock band -- and winning the local Battle of the Bands, with its first prize of a trip to New York City -- is his best shot. But things keep getting in the way. Small matters like the lack of an actual band, or the fact that his brother just got shot confronting the racist owner of a local restaurant. Maggi Bokoni has just moved back to the reservation from the city with her family. She's dying to stop making the same traditional artwork her family sells to tourists (conceptual stuff is cooler), stop feeling out of place in her new (old) home, and stop being treated like a child. She might like to fall in love for the first time too. Carson and Maggi -- along with their friend Lewis -- will navigate loud protests, even louder music, and first love in this novel about coming together in a world defined by difference....

Title : Give Me Some Truth
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ISBN : 9781338143546
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 432 pages
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Give Me Some Truth Reviews

  • Amy Jacobs

    Unfortunately I was unable to enjoy this book as much as others.

    I had to force myself to finish reading it, and I feel bad for even admitting that.

    Its not that the writing was bad - or even the plot- its just that I couldn't seem to connect with the characters enough to even want to keep reading chapter after chapter.

    Maybe I will try again at a later date.

  • Laura

    Life on the Rez isn't easy, but neither is life in the city. Set in 1980s upstate New York, on the Tuscarora reservation and nearby cities, this isn't a sequel to If I Ever Get Out of Here but is set in the same world, with many of the same characters. The blend of reservation life and life outside is skillful, and there's nothing about the lives of Carson, Maggi, Lewis and their families and friends that won't be both familiar and real for readers. The "real world" intrudes in the form of a rac ...more

  • S.M.

    I don't know anything about the Beatles, or John Lennon, or Yoko Ono, which is how I know I missed some of the more subtle stuff in this book. It was still incredible, though--well written and emotionally true from start to finish. I loved the dual POV. It fit better and contributed to the story more than any other multi-POV story I can think off offhand.

  • Margo

    Every bit as great a read as If I Ever Get Out of Here, with even more substance. Well worth the read.

  • Lauren