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The residents of a quiet Kyoto neighborhood have slowly come to realize that inauspicious, paranormal forces are at play in the most unlikely of places: the local playground.Two friends, a young girl and boy, resolve to exorcise the evils that inhabit it, including a snaggle-toothed monster.Beautiful and eerie, ANIMUS weaves an entrancing spell out of childish curiosity, folklore, friendship, and fears that lie deep in the human heart.Writer/Illustrator Antoine Revoy has a long-held passion for all forms of comicsgraphic novels, manga and bandes dessinesfostered by his childhood living in Paris, France and Tokyo, Japan. Antoine's clients include Der Spiegel and New York Times, and his work has received acclaim by the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, and Spectrum. Antoine currently teaches at the Rhode Island School of Design. He lives in Providence, RI, with his wife, illustrator Kelly Murphy.

Title : ANIMUS
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ISBN : 9781626721838
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 224 pages
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ANIMUS Reviews

  • Adam Stone

    A beautiful but weird little manga-inspired ghost story. Its one of the rare experiences I've had reading a graphic novel and thinking "This is really easy to follow." and "I have no idea what is happening or why." Every part of it leaves you to draw your own conclusions about what it means.

    I recommend this to any American reader interested in manga but terrified they won't be able to figure it out, fans of spooky kids stories that you would only allow Certain Children to read, people who wish L

  • Blue

    A well drawn, well paced ghost story where two kids try to help a stranded soul be freed from the magical playground. Creepy and poignant, the story is aptly left open to interpretation in the end. There are several plots twists, but the one in the end is probably the most surprising. Recommended for those who like playgrounds, slides, swings, and garden creatures.

  • Stephanie Cooke

    Animus was a fantastic manga murder mystery. I loved the characters, the story, and was eager to get through the whole thing in one sitting to find out what happened!

    I won't spoil the ending but it left me really thinking about the story and what it all meant.

  • Jay G

    Want to see more bookish things from me? Check out my Youtube channel:

    Thank you to FirstSecond and Raincoast Books for sending me a copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

    In a small town in Japan, a haunted playground sits. Two children, meet Toothless, a masked ghost of a lost little boy tethered to the playground. Toothless tells the children of the eerie characteristics of the playground and all that it has the ability to do.

    I was originally very exci

  • J.D. Dehart

    Animus works in a variety of ways. First, it is a complex chaptered work, just as any novel offers depth.

    There are elements of horror in the book that are effective, and the overall narrative is nicely accomplished.

    As with many other titles from First Second, Animus features accomplished artwork and storytelling, and does do in a manner that is literary and attains high quality. Highly recommended!

  • Angie Pinchbeck

    I really liked this book...right up until the very ending. And then I was very confused, and it really left me feeling like I had no idea what had just happened. The illustrations are beautiful and the story lovely, but the ending really ruined it for me.

  • Holly


    s e r i o u s l y w h a t h a p p e n e d

    aaanyway, the graphic novel was really good actually. I'd never heard of it before it came in the mail, and I wasn't even sure if I'd be interested in it. But I gave it a try, and I'm GLAD (even if I'm confused by the ending) because I liked it a lot. It was unexpectedly funny at times, suuuper fucking creepy, and I loved the artwork.

    Rating: 3.5-4 stars

    *Physical review copy kindly p

  • Mary

    Very well-written and illustrated. Creepy! Not sure of what the ending meant but it doesn’t take away from the enjoyment of the book.