Read How to American: A Narcissistic Memoir Disguised as an Immigrant Story by Jimmy O. Yang Online

How to American: A Narcissistic Memoir Disguised as an Immigrant Story

Standup comic, actor and fan favorite from the popular HBO series Silicon Valley shares his memoir of growing up as a Chinese immigrant in California and making it in Hollywood.Jimmy O. Yang is about to have his moment. You've likely seen the standup comic and actor starring as a series regular, the fan favorite character Jian Yang in Mike Judge's Emmy-nominated HBO comedy Silicon Valley. Or you may have caught his first dramatic turn in director Peter Berg's acclaimed film Patriot's Day. Next up: Jimmy O. Yang continues his role as Jian Yang in HBO's confirmed, upcoming fifth season of Silicon Valley; a part in the much anticipated film adaptation of the National Bestseller Crazy Rich Asians; and a major role opposite Melissa McCarthy in the comedy Life of the Party. His family emigrated from Hong Kong to Los Angeles when he was 13. Can you think of a worse time for a young adolescent who didn't speak English to be thrown into the Los Angeles School District with its notorious income gap, mean girls, and children of the Hollywood elite? In his first book, How to American, Yang shares his stories--always hilarious, often resonant--of learning our customs, assimilating into our culture, and figuring out how to date high school girls who were six inches taller than him, all while enduring the constant pressure from his sometimes overbearing parents to go to medical school and become a doctor. In his book, we see firsthand what Yang's experienced as an immigrant and the things he did and didn't do to progress into a star on the rise. How to American features chapters on a wide range of topics, from "How to Thuglife" (what Yang learned about America by watching BET RapCity, three hours of rap music videos a day) to "How to Hollywood" (making the best of the limited roles given to him, to eventually playing the boyfriend of a white girl in the upcoming Melissa McCarthy star vehicle Life of The Party, the Holy Grail of Asian actors). ...

Title : How to American: A Narcissistic Memoir Disguised as an Immigrant Story
Author :
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ISBN : 9780306903496
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 288 pages
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How to American: A Narcissistic Memoir Disguised as an Immigrant Story Reviews

  • M

    "For once in my life, I wanted to flaunt my Asian side instead of hiding it to fit in as somebody else."

    Jimmy O. Yang was born in Hong Kong, learned English via BET, struggled as a strip club DJ and stand-up comedian, then finally was cast in Silicon Valley and Crazy Rich Asians. His story is about perseverance and hard work, the struggles of being an immigrant in America, and all of the hilarious stories in between.

  • Ran

    Jimmy O. Yang recounts his life as an immigrant from Hong Kong to California and then as a stand-up comedian and actor in Silicon Valley thus far. Dude's only 30. However, subtitle's accurate. Quite a bit more sexual objectification than I was anticipating. To be fair, Yang worked in a strip joint as a DJ. To be a little more honest, his humor does rely heavily on Asian stereotypes - which he knows, as he acknowledged in his debut on the Arsenio Hall show in 2014. I have never seen Silicon Valle ...more

  • Hanson Ho

    4 stars just because Jimmy O. Yang is the only comic or actor I know who immigrated from HK to North America as a child.

  • Laura Myers

    This book is just plain FUN! I discovered an affinity for Mr Jimmy O Yang. He’s hysterical. Since reading his book I’ve begun watching Silicon Valley. Jimmy is sweet and charming. I hope Jimmy continues to write. His immigrant story is tender and incredible. I can honestly say it’s the first time I’d heard of an immigrant learning English from the BET channel. Jimmy has melted my heart. Frankly, I wish his father would write his story, too, I imagine it’s fascinating.

  • Grace

    I had never heard of Jimmy O. Yang when I came across his book here on Goodreads. I thought the title was funny so I requested it from my local library. I had no expectations or preconceived notions. I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard (I listened to Jimmy O. Yang narrate his book). Through humor and hindsight, Jimmy (I feel like I can call him by his first name now that I know so much about him) shared his immigrant experience, including his assimilation to American culture, which led hi ...more

  • Hakan Jackson

    I've never watched Silicon Valley, nor have I seen any of the movies Jimmy O. Yang has been in. I happened to be watching Late Night with Stephen Colbert when he was on plugging his book and he was able to convince me to check it out. I may not have been an immigrant, but I have moved around quite a bit when I was younger and I was an awkward kid (ell, I'm kind of an awkward adult) and I think that helped me connect with this book real well. It also helps that Jimmy O. Yang seems to know how to ...more

  • Valerity (Val)

    I was pleasantly surprised by this book, it was funny and smart and ended before I was ready to be finished with it. I found myself enjoying it a lot more than I expected to, as I'd never heard of Jimmy O. Yang, or seen anything he's been in prior to getting it.

    Lucky for me, it turned out to be a good experience. After reading the foreword by Mike Judge, I learned that Jimmy was born in Hong Kong and moved to the US just before starting high school. He learned English by watching BET, the Black

  • G____ Goshin

    I remember seeing saw Jimmy back in the Comedy Palace before he was on TV, but I didn't know who he was. I just remembered going up to him at the end of his set and telling him, he killed his set. Up to that point in time as a college student I've never seen someone do such good comedy in a conservative city like San Diego. I only put 2 and 2 together when I saw this familiar face doing stand up on Arsenio Hall's return.

    It's another genuine story from an immigrant who kept his chin up no matter