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The Lies They Tell

With shades of E. Lockharts We Were Liars and Gayle Formans I Was Here, this dark and twisted mystery will be the page-turner of the year.Everyone in Tenneys Harbor, Maine, knows about the Garrison tragedy. How an unexplained fire ravaged their house, killing four of the five family members. But what people dont know is who did it. All fingers point at Pearl Haskinss father, the town drunk, who was the caretaker of the property, but she just cant believe it. Leave it to a town of rich people to blame the help.With her disgraced father now trying to find work in between booze benders, Pearls future doesnt hold much more than waiting tables at the local country club, where the wealthy come to flaunt their money and spread their gossip. This year, Tristan, the last surviving Garrison, and his group of affluent and arrogant friends have made a point of sitting in Pearls section. Though shes repulsed by most of them, Tristans quiet sadness and somber demeanor have her rethinking her judgments. Befriending the boys could mean getting closer to the truth, clearing her fathers name, and giving Tristan the closure he seems to be searching for. But it could also trap Pearl in a sinister web of secrets, lies, and betrayals that, once untangled, will leave no life unchanged . . . if it doesnt take hers first....

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The Lies They Tell Reviews

  • Paperback Princess

    Tenney's Harbour in Maine is a small town, with few locals, but during the summer the rich arrive in droves to stay in their holiday mansions. When one of the well renowned families, the Garrison's, were burnt to death along with their home, the small town was thrown into confusion and suspicion. All but one remains of the Garrison's, Tristan, who had not been there on the fateful night that his entire family burnt.

    It seemed everyone felt fascination-meets-revulsion in Tristan Garrison's presenc

  • johely

    Writing: 4☆

    Plot: 3☆

    Enjoyment: 4.5☆

    Characters: 4☆

    Overall: 4☆

    I will post a mini review later this week and full in depth review closer to the release date. Thanks to HarperCollins for sending me an ARC.

  • Chelsea Humphrey

    "It seemed everyone felt fascination-meets-revulsion in Tristan Garrison's presence, followed by but the police cleared him; they let him go, didn't they? Somehow, it wasn't a comfort. Not at all."

    Over the past year I've become an avid fan of Gillian French; her writing is so character driven and atmospheric that it takes little to no effort in being transported to the setting of each of her novels. When I first saw the cover reveal for The Lies They Tell, I knew I had to get my hands on a copy

  • Dennis

    The Lies They Tell is a smart, light mystery with suspenseful undertones that will engage you from the beginning. Seriously, the first chapter, um, wow—talk about hooking me in right from the beginning. In a town plagued by the uber rich and the working class townies, Tenney’s Harbor, Maine, is a town not unlike other nautical New England towns that have been famously depicted in film and media in the past. I was immediately transported back to my time vacationing in the Hamptons and Rhode Isl ...more

  • Amber (Books of Amber)

    The Lies They Tell was boring. There’s no other way to put it. The beginning does nothing to grip you, aside from the initial prologue where the family dies, and the book really doesn’t improve from there.

    I felt nothing for the characters, not even the main one. She didn’t have much of a personality.

    Since this is a thriller, it could have at least had a decent twist. However, it’s pretty clear who the culprit is from the start. It was so obvious that I almost started to believe it couldn’t be th

  • Thamy

    I wasn’t ready for this book. If Pearl wasn’t a teenager and the point of view weren’t all hers, I’d even argue this isn’t YA. I’m always glad when a writer takes her YA seriously.

    After her father loses most of his jobs thanks to a tragedy happen right under his watch, Pear is working at the club when one of the rich guys seem to take special interest in her. She knows not to fall for their sweet talks, but his friend Tristan, the sole survivor of the tragedy, makes it impossible for her to stay

  • Amy's Book Reviews

    1.5 STARS

    The most exciting part of THE LIES THEY TELL is the blurb about the story. What starts off as a promising premise, a wealthy family murdered, their surviving son and a poor girl’s father suspects, never got off the ground for me.

    While empathizing with her difficult life, I never connected with Pearl on an emotional level. She lacked personality and I didn’t seem clever enough to solve the mystery. Perhaps Gillian French’s use of third person POV kept the characters being fleshed out.


  • Jennifer

    Received advanced reader copy from publisher via Baker & Taylor book supplier

    Everything changed for Pearl the night the Garrison family was killed. Her father was on duty in the gatehouse the night they were shot and the house set on fire leaving only the eldest son Tristan, not at home at the time, alive. Everyone in the ritzy summer community blames her father even though the police cleared him. When an opening into Tristan’s tight friend group appears, Pearl slips in determined to uncove