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Yesterday I Was the Moon

yesterday i was the moon is a collection of poetry by noor unnahar - it explores courage, self-love, culture and the struggles of making peace with your heart and art. it contains black & white photographs paired with poetry pieces; giving it a photo diary feels. ...

Title : Yesterday I Was the Moon
Author :
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ISBN : 9781548924461
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 156 pages
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Yesterday I Was the Moon Reviews

  • Shanti

    I liked these poems, for the most part. Some were a bit obvious, all were very indvidualistic, some were utterly lovely, all were careful, some were soothing. I did not engage particularly with this book, but it existed, and I read it. The second half was much better than the first set me up to believe. The illustrations were perfect. Some of my favourite lines:

    "I have been a sky all my life"

    "a lonely building in a curfew imposed city"

    "at the end of the day/each sobbed whisper/goes directly to t

  • Margaryta

    "art doesn't ask

    to be perfect



    it asks to exist

    to breathe

    to be

    this is what it has always been about" (p. 75)

    I've been really determined to stay open to the different styles and new ideas appearing in poetry, and have been trying to stay more in the know about what titles are published annually. "Yesterday I Was the Moon" caught my eye because of its title and promising summary, and though I really not a fan of "Insta/Tumblr poetry" - my experience of reading poetry by Kaur, Lovelace,

  • Mahnoor

    Perhaps I went in expecting too much of Unnahar. Some of her poetry was thoughtful and resounding. Some of it was cliche and ineffective. A lot of it, especially at the beginning, was just a bunch of words strung together, trying too hard to be a poem. Despite all that, I highlighted quite a few poems and I'm glad I read this book. She shows promise and real passion; I can't wait to read more of her work.

  • Abigail Monhollen

    Ugh. I love poetry, I really do. And I always try to read it with both eyes open, with sympathy, and understanding, but this book was bland, repetitive, and unimaginative. It was tumblr at it's best and reeked of words with no meaning. I feel sad because I wanted so much more from this book, but I couldn't even get through it. The illustrations where nice, but didn't hold any artistic or abstract connection to the dry, short poems next to them. Unfortunately, I ended up putting this books down. ...more

  • Ele

    considering that I want to memorize all of these poems and create a branch of philosophy specifically for that purpose,

    I'd say I love this book!

  • Shehzeen Muzaffar

    my mother named me

    light; the first rays starting the day

    and there are days

    when i forget there is light at all

    this name then becomes

    a remimder how

    the woman who raised me

    named me after something

    so glorious; it shines

    and even on my darkest days

    i am the light i should be looking for



  • Brittany

    I loved everything about this book. The visuals held a simple elegance. The poems were true emotions built with beautiful language. The poet had something to say and made good use of the pages presented. I savored this book over the course of two weeks, mulling over the thoughts between the covers. I highly recommend this book for anyone who loves to read.

  • Mahima

    I'd seen a couple of Noor's poems on the internet over the past couple years and they've always really grabbed me by the heartstrings. I finally got my hands on a copy of this beautiful collection of words and proceeded to find more wonderful poems that I really connected with. Noor writes with such vulnerability and pain, but also with such optimism and strength that is incredibly comforting to read. My favourite type of poetry is the kind you can find a friend in, and this is a prime example o ...more