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Fumbled Hearts (Tender Hearts #1)

Hes the persistent playboy who refuses to walk away. I'm the impassive new girl with nothing left to give. Things are about to get complicated...After months of refusing, I finally agreed to make the move to Alrick Falls. My family thought it was best - that a new scene would be good for me - and I was sick of having the same conversation. So here I am, and the plan is simple. Smile through each day and avoid her at all costs. It's perfect. Until the cocksure quarterback comes into play. The last thing I want is his crooked grin and dark brown eyes focused on me. Yet here he is, constantly in my space, pushing me, daring me to care. Telling me what I think and feel, as if he knows. He doesn't know anything. AndI plan to keep it that way....

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Fumbled Hearts (Tender Hearts #1) Reviews

  • Angela James

    Are you freaking kidding me right now?! Brand spanking new author debuting a book like this! What an amazing flipping story and the characters...eep! I FLOVE Nate and Lolli! I got completely lost and caught up in them and their world. Nothing was predictable, it was so darn exciting to see how the book unfolded! I can not wait to see who this author writes about next in this series...Pssstt Meagan, Imma need Parker's #BookSmackedReviewer

  • Anna Laura

    DNF at 53%

    They just had unprotected shower sex after his mom reminded him about condoms, and didn’t have a talk about birth control at all. Nevermind the fact that Nate slept with a lot of women and we don’t know much about Kalani‘s sexual past.

    I don’t care that he pulled out. Precum is enough to get pregnant. And what about STDs? If you didn’t get tested, and you didn’t have the birth control talk, no unprotected sex. Easy as that.

    I read on in the hopes of them at least having a talk afterwar

  • Sparklybearsy¤°.¸¸.•´¯`»

    4.5 it touched my heart starts

    An awesome AWESOME debut novel!!

    My god, I fell hard in love with Kalani and Nate! So hard. It's beautiful and heart achy and gorgeous and I'm already awaiting more from these two.

    Nate is perfect.

    Kalani is one of those rare heroines I loved and I became completely entangled in her story and healing.

    The story was well paced and a tad angsty towards the end with a misunderstanding expected of teenagers.

    I'd definitely recommend it!!

  • Nadine

    dnf ~ 10 %

    There's so much wrong with this book. I can't force myself to read on.

    The H has already slept with two different girls. Side note: We're on page 30 ....

    Both times the h sees him and makes some bad ass comments. Side note: She's not bad ass. Not at all.

    The h tells everyone that she's not like any other girl [insert eye rolling here]. She doesn't care about her looks but can't help admiring herself in the mirror (after some unnecessary thoughts about her boobs and how great they are). S

  • Neilliza Swaffar

    ☆☆☆☆☆ 5+ STARS ☆☆☆☆☆

    Fumbled Hearts was such a refreshing read. I love it. Page after page, I couldn’t get enough. What a strong and a sure hit for new author Meagan Brandy. She sure made a fan out me, with her first book. I love her characters and how matured, they were for teenagers. Heroine Kalani is such a strong character. She was independent, witty, fun, sarcastic, bold and beautiful. I also love her unique name, even her nick name Lolli. Then there’s Nate, who started out as such a douche

  • Jenn

    Debut novel.

    Sports romance.


    Heroine with a secret emo past.

    Dick swinging hero.

    What's not to like!

    I probably wouldn't have picked this one up if not for a lot of recs from friends and I'm so glad I listened because it was cute and great and I didn't stop reading until the last word.

    I can see why it has mixed reviews. People get up in arms about "slut shaming" but it doesn't bother me. it's not one of my book pet peeves. Nor is a manslut of a hero long as he doesn't sleep around once he's in

  • Sbell I in a different universe,

    how did this book get so many 5 star

    reviews? Am I missing something?

    This is my WORST READ OF THE YEAR,

    maybe ever. It was an insult to my

    intelligence. First, do we need to give

    everyone a nick name? Or a different

    name than the one they were born with?

    So we have Kalani, or Lolli or Lolli Bear,

    who is this girl? Is she 19 or 40? Just

    complete and utter stupidity. I am

    not going to rant, and rant, like I soo

    want to do, BUT I DNF'd this book

    when Kalani, Lolli, or Lol

  • Nicla

    This is a hard book for me to review. Parts of it I really enjoyed and other parts not so much. Lately I have been finding it hard to find books that hold my attention from start to finish but Fumbled Hearts definitely did. It was a longer read and yet it never felt like it. I would have even been happy to read more. It was kind of addictive even when there was drama. Sometimes there was way too much of it for my liking though. I found it hard to believe it was a high school romance. I think it ...more