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Flunk. Start.: Reclaiming My Decade Lost in Scientology

A captivating guide through one woman's struggle to find herself through Scientology, and how she finally escapedIs there a term for a bad choice, one you continue to make, remaining on a path even as you understand your choice is not good for you? How do you abandon that life, and attempt to live a new one, making sense of the time you had given away so willingly? Flunk. Start. is a candid, revealing memoir of what drew author, actress, and musician Sands Hall to Scientology, how she left the Church after nearly a decade, and how she has finally come to terms with those years that she had previously thought of as lost. Hall is a captivating guide, describing her slow absorption into the Church, but Flunk. Start. is more than a recounting of her time in Scientologyits also about growing up in an eccentric literary family, and the tale of her brilliant, tragic older brother, the playwright Oakley Hall III. Its a story of navigating relationshipsspiritual and familialand how her desire to know has shaped Hall's life. In Flunk.Start., Hall is able to resolve rather than expose; to explore rather than condemn. She does so in a gorgeous narrative with a visceral affection for the comforting, beguiling power of words....

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Flunk. Start.: Reclaiming My Decade Lost in Scientology Reviews

  • Len Joy

    This is an extraordinary, compelling memoir. I read it in one weekend, and I am not a binge reader. I even passed on the Academy Awards to read it. (Okay, for me that’s not a huge sacrifice, but still.)

    Ostensibly this is the story of the decade the author lost to Scientology. But it is really much more. It is a fascinating, heartbreaking family saga and in its own way, a coming of age tale. A spiritual journey, told with clear-eyed compassion and humor.

    Often takedowns of organizations by former

  • Kate

    I love a deep dive into Scientology, and I love a thoughtful, well-written memoir even more. This book is both! Hall explores her upbringing in her liberal, artistic family juxtaposed with her time spent as a Scientologist and eventually leaving the organization. In the afterword, she describes how her story is relatable to anyone who has lost years of their life to anything from drugs to bad marriages; unlike other Scientology memoirs, Hall's portrayal of her story grounds it in larger issues, ...more