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Weaver's Folly (The Shadowspinner Chronicles #1)

Alyssa DYaragen is just an elf trying to make ends meet. Thankfully, working as a freelance thief a runner by the street name Lysistrata -- pays more than she would make in a month selling cell phones to retropunks at her antique shop. Though shes low-tech, she has an advantage over her fellow larcenists. She has magic. Logan Turner, a techie and fellow runner, offers to bring her in on a high paying run stealing data from megacorporation Americorp. She accepts, partially for the payout, mostly for the challenge. Things get complicated, though, when her ex-boyfriend Tristan McCullough shows up with apologies and, infuriatingly, the perfect recon opportunity for the Americorp job. Adding more fuel to the bad-decision fire is the mysterious Seraphina Dubhan, and Alyssa finds herself falling hard for the enigmatic elf. But when Alyssa suddenly becomes the target of mystical attacks, things stop being about the money and become all about survival. With others caught in the crossfire, she needs to find and stop the attacker before the Americorp job is ruined and she or one of her friends pays the ultimate price....

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Weaver's Folly (The Shadowspinner Chronicles #1) Reviews

  • Suanne

    Weaver’s Folly is the first of a new paranormal series by Sarah Madsen and introduces elf Alyssa D’Yaragen who works as a freelance thief. She is an elf weaver and can perform magic, though she can’t handle technology without shorting out her brain. There are potential love triangles in the making: Alyssa and her hot new lover, Seraphina, plus another thief, Logan Turner; the second is Alyssa, Turner and Alyssa’s old beau, Tristan.

    When mystical beings (trolls, etc) begin hunting Alyssa, she know

  • Dave Higgins

    Blending the mystical and technological without either losing their distinction or creating an arbitrary division, Madsen creates a world part way between urban high-fantasy and cyberpunk thriller.

    When elves revealed themselves to the world, they kept the existence of magic a secret. Living among humans, they seem to enjoy the same pursuits, use the same technologies, and face the same tedious challenges. Alyssa D’Yaragen is just trying to make a living: by day, she sells ancient trinkets to ret

  • Jody McGrath

    This book actually seems to tell two stories. One story is about Alyssa and Logan. They are "runners" or cat burglars. They are quite elite. I really enjoyed this part of the book. They had a great comradeship that made you want to read more about them. They were complete polar opposites which played up perfectly to so many things that could have happened. They had a great twist ending that I didn't see coming and it can be really good in follow up books. If the author would have spent more time ...more

  • Michael Mammay

    Elves are real and living in a near-future Atlanta in this Urban Fantasy/Cyberpunk mash up. Filled with both tech and magic, this one will keep you guessing. The third act is a maze of great twists that will keep you turning the pages.