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The Game Can't Love You Back

Eve is used to being the odd woman out. As the only girl on her school's baseball team, she knows exactly how to put sweaty, macho baseball players in their place, and she's focused on one thing and one thing onlybeing the best pitcher she can be.But when a freak accident forces her high school to be absorbed by the neighboring town, Eve has to contend with a new group of guys who aren't used to having a woman on their team. And the new team's star pitcher, Jamie, has no interest in being ousted from his throne. He can't afford to give up his starting slot to a new pitchereven worse, to a girl.As the competition between Jamie and Eve starts to heat up, so does their attraction to each other. Can they keep their heads in the game, or will they end up getting played?...

Title : The Game Can't Love You Back
Author :
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ISBN : 9781250163899
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 312 pages
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The Game Can't Love You Back Reviews

  • Laura Cabezas

    I loooved this book. I love Karole cozzos writing and cant wait to read more from her. Jamie and Eve are honestly the cutest you’ll fall in love with them. :)

  • Jennifer H.

    Smart, funny, and sexy! I devoured this glorious book!

    Eve is one of those characters that you can immediately connect to. Headstrong, passionate, and protective over what matters most in her life - in this case taking pride in being the only girl on the school's baseball team. When she finds herself on the same team as Jamie - a guy she has absolutely no use for - you start to see the other side of that coin where she is stubborn and challenging to a fault. And that is what makes her and Jamie'

  • Grace {Rebel Mommy Book Blog}

    Super cute

  • Karlita

    Full Review at Tale Out Loud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

    When an electrical fire broke out at Farmington South High School, students especially those who are member of the sports team didn’t have any choice but be absorbed by the Farmington East High School.

    Female baseball player, Eve “Phenom” Marshall was forced to join the Pirate’s baseball team playing along with their star player, Jamie “Ace” Abrams. Not only they’re both vying for the same trophy but they also instantly had the connect

  • Dani (Dani Reviews Things & Love in a time of Feminism)

    CW: references to domestic abuse

    This one hooked me very quickly. Ambitious, single-minded female athlete vs cool player (in more ways than one), both vying for the same position on the baseball team? Yes please. I don't even care about baseball (sorry, I'm a rugby girl). I was just in it for the competitiveness.

    There was something kind of ruthless about Eve. She was so focused on winning, and it wasn't even really about proving a point. It just was what it was: she played baseball because her ol

    I found out I could stare down those boys who had three inches of height and twenty pounds of muscle on me. From the mound, I could take them down, take them out. I still can. It's an awesome feeling, exhilarating and powerful and fun as hell.

    Despite being terrible at sports myself, I could connect with Eve. She was in an all-male team, playing a sport seen as masculine, and while she could hold her own on the mound, she was still considered "other" by her team. This is a lot like being the only woman in an all-male team at work, doing a job seen as masculine (IT). It was almost a little painful to read about how hard she worked to try to earn a place amongst her teammates.

    I say it wasn't about proving a point, but there was a point to be made when her school merged with Jamie's. These two hated each other. I don't know why I took so much delight in it. This was definitely on the angsty side of things. In the beginning, it seemed almost one-sided. Sure, Eve didn't like Jamie's attitude towards her, but most of the hate and actual acting on it came from his side. She just wanted to have a part in the team; he wanted her nowhere near the team. So I had a hard time buying into him as a romantic hero, especially at the beginning. She did eventually show her darker side, so it balanced a bit.

    And their relationship was by no means perfect. But I liked the messiness of it, how it wasn't a fluffy HEA but a "we've got issues but we can work on this together" romance. It was a slow-burn, a more innocent YA version of the magic that Mariana Zapata can work. Their relationship revealed more nuance and vulnerability on both sides, particularly Eve's. The ending especially had its own unique appeal, acknowledging who they are instead of going the default route.

    The Game Can't Love You Back was a slightly angsty sports romance, filled with competition, determination, and some serious hate-to-love messiness that just felt so real and imperfect. I loved it.

    I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own. ...more

  • Stacee

    2.5 stars?

    I really loved this premise and was fairly eager to read the book, yet I’m not entirely sure how I feel now that I’m done with it.

    Eve and Jamie are decent enough characters. I liked that they were driven and competitive and focused. I didn’t see the chemistry between them and never really got the shift in feelings. There are some great secondary characters {Scott and Marcella mostly} who felt very one dimensional.

    Plot wise, it was slow. I struggled really hard in the beginning becaus

  • Maggie

    Eve is the exact kind of fierce heroine I needed in my life this past week. I could read about her annihilating stereotypes and bucking expectations for at least another three books... wink wink Karole. :) Be sure to check this one out in May! You won't regret it!

  • KarenJo Custodio

    4.5 - Heartwarming, Cute, and Incredibly Inspiring

    I think I’m slowly warming up to sports themed books and might just be my newest obsession. I didn’t really care for them that much before since I’m not into sports, but the books I’ve read in the past few months were pretty darn good. The Game Can’t Love You Back by Karole Cozzo was no exception and I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would. I even had tears in the end and couldn’t stop smiling and swooning.

    Enemies to lovers stories are j