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Master Assassins (The Fire Sacraments #1)

Two village boys mistaken for assassins become the decisive figures in the battle for a continent in the thrilling new desert-based epic fantasy by the author of The Red Wolf Conspiracy. Kandri Hinjuman was never meant to be a soldier. His brother Mektu was never meant for this world. Rivals since childhood, they are drafted into a horrific war led by a madwoman-Prophet, and survive each day only by hiding their disbelief. Kandri is good at blending in, but Mektu is hopeless: impulsive, erraticand certain that a demon is stalking him. Is this madness or a second sense? Either way, Kandri knows that Mektus antics will land them both in early graves.But all bets are off when the brothers simmering feud explodes into violence, and holy blood is spilled. Kandri and Mektu are taken for contract killers and must flee for their livesto the one place where they can hope to disappear: the sprawling desert known as the Land that Eats Men. In this eerie wilderness, the terrain is as deadly as the monsters, ghouls, and traffickers in human flesh. Here the brothers find strange allies: an aging warlord, a desert nomad searching for her family, a lethal child-soldier still in her teens. They also find themselves in possession of a secret that could bring peace to the continent of Urrath. Or unthinkable carnage.On their heels are the Prophets death squads. Ahead lie warring armies, sandstorms, evil spirits and the deeper evil of human greed. But hope beckons as wellif the Master Assassins can expose the lie that has made them the worlds most wanted men....

Title : Master Assassins (The Fire Sacraments #1)
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Master Assassins (The Fire Sacraments #1) Reviews

  • Flavia

    Mark Lawrence called this a fantastic book. I trust Mark Lawrence implicitly like everyone should. It's a fantastic book. It has intricately spun world building, a relationship between siblings that's so pathologically wrought I shiver just thinking about it, plenty of fascinating side characters with agency and a story that's easy to devour. It's basically book crack.

  • Jordan

    This was phenomenal.

    Find this review at Forever Lost in Literature!

    Buckle up and grab some snacks, folks, because this is going to be a long review for a book that has quickly become one of my newest fantasy favorites. Master Assassins is beautiful, dark, raw, jaw-dropping at times, and all-around amazing. Because I run the risk of rambling in a disorganized fashion, I decided that I would organize my review into four main components of the novel that I want to talk about: characters, writing s

  • Matt Newbould

    460 pages, six chapters (a little weird but it works),

    two erm 'Master' Assassins, four days to

    finish, one fantastic read. Robert V.S. Redick

    has done something special here with Master

    Assassins and I couldn't stop myself from devouring it over a weekend.

    It's intelligent, deep, and chocked full of immersive prose that kept me engrossed throughout. The world building is great and at no point did I feel utterly and completely lost in this world as can be the case with some fantasy. I think it was t

  • Cait (lil_ms.bookworm)

    To call Master Assassins, a fantasy novel, seems almost an insult because it far exceeds typical fantasy tropes (there are no dragons, but don’t worry, there are men yielding gauntlets riding around on saber-toothed cats). Master Assassins is instead a profusion of cultural, religious, and personal complexities expanding across a seemingly despairing landscape. The two protagonists of the story, Kandri and Mektu, half brothers and soldiers in a war driven by a crazed Prophet, stumble into their ...more

  • *Thea Wilson*

    Wowsers! Review to come soon.....

  • Algernon

    Darsunuk! The Time of Madness! It is come, brothers and sisters, the end of all things and the breaking of this world. Who among us will find shelter on the Night of Blood? Who among us shall be spared?

    Six years have passed since the last installment of the "Chathrand Voyage" but the wait was worth it. Robert Redick is back with a new high fantasy epic and the start of the journey looks as promising as the last time I embarked on his ship. My preferences have drifted recently towards the more

  • Charles Karver

    Well, this was a wonderful read, which had everything I look for in a book. The world felt fresh and real, the characters had great depth and individuality and it was beautifully written. I was left eagerly awaiting the next book, with the author leaving just the right amount of unanswered questions, to make the wait that little bit harder.

  • C.P. Cabaniss

    This is moving to my DNF shelf. Read somewhere between 8-12%. If I feel like going back to it, I may try again at some point.

    This sounded really interesting and I was excited to read it, but the writing and characters didn't hold my attention. It felt bogged down and was tedious to read. I'm too busy to spend time on books that I'm not enjoying more.

    Not rating this since I didn't read much and I may revisit.