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"The first rule is that you don't fall in love, ' he said... 'There are other rules too, but that is the main one. No falling in love. No staying in love. No daydreaming of love. If you stick to this you will just about be okay.'" A love story across the ages - and for the ages - about a man lost in time, the woman who could save him, and the lifetimes it can take to learn how to liveTom Hazard has a dangerous secret. He may look like an ordinary 41-year-old, but owing to a rare condition, he's been alive for centuries. Tom has lived history--performing with Shakespeare, exploring the high seas with Captain Cook, and sharing cocktails with Fitzgerald. Now, he just wants an ordinary life.So Tom moves back to London, his old home, to become a high school history teacher--the perfect job for someone who has witnessed the city's history first hand. Better yet, a captivating French teacher at his school seems fascinated by him. But the Albatross Society, the secretive group which protects people like Tom, has one rule: never fall in love. As painful memories of his past and the erratic behavior of the Society's watchful leader threaten to derail his new life and romance, the one thing he can't have just happens to be the one thing that might save him. Tom will have to decide once and for all whether to remain stuck in the past, or finally begin living in the present.How to Stop Time is a bighearted, wildly original novel about losing and finding yourself, the inevitability of change, and how with enough time to learn, we just might find happiness....

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How to Stop Time Reviews

  • Cindy Burnett

    4.5 stars

    How to Stop Time is a thought-provoking read. Matt Haig envisions a world where a small group of individuals age at a much slower pace than the average human. While the main character, Tom Hazard, looks 41, he is actually centuries old. To avoid being institutionalized or treated as a medical research subject, Tom has moved around his entire life staying nowhere more than 8-10 years. When the book opens, Tom has decided to return to London and teach history at a local low-income high sc

  • Cheri


    4.5 Stars

    If you were to call him by name, you could call him Tom Hazard, but the truth is that over the years, he’s been known by many names, having to change his identity before the truth catches up with him, reveals him to be who he is. Reveals what makes him different than any other man who appears to be around forty. The truth is slightly more than that.

    In “this life” Tom teaches history in London at a comprehensive school (a secondary, state school) to young men and youn

  • Siobhán Mc Laughlin

    This book was so bad it actually did stop time for me - stopped time on my reading, bigtime. I've been trying to finish it for the past three weeks or more...! Just the thought of picking it up was too much. (Just as there are some books you can't put down - there are books you can't bloody pick up - and this, for me, was one of them.)

    Honestly. What a farce. Sorry Matt Haig. I do enjoy your writing. But I should have known better after reading 'The Humans.' Although I loved the idea of it, I was

  • JanB

    4.5 stars - I loved this one!

    Most of us have heard of progeria, a condition that is characterized by accelerated aging. Young children with the disorder have the appearance and medical conditions of the very aged. In this book Tom Hazard has the opposite, a condition called anageria, where the aging process is slowed down. Tom is over 400 years old but looks to be in his 40s. He can expect to live close to another 600 years. It’s a rare condition, but there are others like Tom.

    For a culture that

  • Carol

    The Hook - Many fine and rave reviews by my GoodReads friends including this one by convinced me to scoff up this book toot sweet, or as kindly corrected by C., tout de suite. It was this line in Gail's review that was the clincher.

    ”I can only liken this to the feeling one gets after a long, hot and dry summer spell which is broken by a torrential downpour of rain. It is, quite simply, a breath of fresh air and just wonderful.”

    The Line(s) - ”Forever. Emily Dickinson said, is composed of nows. B

  • Dana Kenedy (Dana and the Books)

    This review can also be found on my blog, Dana and the Books.

    How to Stop Time is a book that is going to be talked about for a while. It made headlines when Benedict Cumberbatch signed on to star in the movie adaptation before the book had even been released.

    After reading the description and seeing it virtually everywhere, of course I had to see what all the fuss was about.

    Tom is old. He looks forty but is actually more than four hundred. He's part of a small group of people who age about fifte

  • Leslie Ray

    This was a thoughtful and interesting read. The main character Tom is one of a small group of individuals who age very slowly. For example, he appears to be 40 years old but is actually centuries old. However, he's not immortal and will, eventually, die. In order for people to not get suspicious, as he doesn't appear to age hardly at all, he must continually move around and take on different identities. While assuming these identities, he meets several historical figures and is involved in some ...more

  • Elyse

    Library Audiobook......

    Something must be wrong with me......This is the novel everyone is raving about?

    I’m doing it again......Throwing in the towel....NOT GOING TO FINISH....

    It’s NOT that anything is morally wrong with this book —- there are even some wise messages and heartfelt moments — but mostly I was kinda bored.

    I would never call this ‘fiction nonsense’ ( cough cough)- like the last book I didn’t finished where I was pounded over the head by a guy, ( not really - haha - but a little), f