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Salana Livingston did everything right, from taking her multi-vitamin to kneeling before bed to say her prayers every night. She followed the path her parents had planned before she was born, never questioned the role until the day a bus-load of sweaty kids from the Bronx got dropped at her parents' horse farm.Tiago Alcazar knew a life of hard knocks. An incarcerated father, a missing and strung-out mother who left him to rely on his aged grandmother for most of his life.Tiago runs the mean streets of the neighborhood that raised him, living hand-to-mouth, everyday a gift, if he can just make it.Burdened by a world that only wants to see her as perfect, Salana finds her greatest confidant in a boy society has labeled as worthless. Their paths cross too many times for their stubborn hearts to deny the connection, but can the delinquent and the debutant defy the odds and overcome the social constructs that condemn them?...

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Salt Reviews

  • Ellen ✦ Book Bellas ✦

    4.5 Stars!!

    “I’ll never be good enough. Smart enough. Have enough money. Your parents would hate me and it’d make them hate you too. I’d ruin your fucking life, Salt. Whatever picture you always had, it’d be fucking different with me, and probably not in a good way,” he confessed into her neck, her sweaty hairline, but not to her face.

    Sexy, gritty and emotional - trademark Mara White style. Loved it!

    I have always loved Mara White's books. Her Heightsbound series made me a fan for life. Her s

  • Aurora (Whoo Gives A Hoot)

    * Read more of my reviews at Whoo Gives A Hoot *

    My first taste of Mara White's breathtakingly captivating writing came from her forbidden and taboo romances Maldeamores & Malentendido, which are still two of my favorite books to date! These stories not only introduced me to this incredibly talented author, but to the Heights...a place we revisit in her brand new release about the delinquent and the debutant.

    Salt is one of those stories that will captivate your heart and hold on for days to c

  • Laura- BookBistroBlog


    By: Mara White

    5+++ Stars

    I opened my kindle and did not close it until I flipped the very last page. This story as like all of Mara White’s stories has many layers to it. You are reading a story of two young kids who fall in love and we read the story spanning many years. Not always together, but together always.

    Yet in the same story, we read about what life really is like. On both sides of the fence. We all want to be treated equally. We all want to grow up and be successful. We all want th

  • Arabella ~♡AB♡~

    ★★★★ 4.5 Stars ★★★★

    LOVED! This book ticked so many boxes for me, it was a book that I will always remember.

    Salana is privileged and white, but even at the tender age of 16 when she meets Tiago, she see's the person that he is deep down and doesn't care that he comes from the projects, or that his skin is not the same as hers - she falls in love without even realising it until many years later.

    What I loved most about this book was the connection that they shared, it was truly beautiful. Tiago wa

  • Jessica  (Angie & Jessica's Dreamy Reads)

    I first fell in love with Mara White's heartfelt, forbidden romances when I read Maldeamores. That storyline still holds such a special place in my heart. Never before had my heart felt so much uncertainty and desperation while reading a romance, a story that oozed impossibility and rightness all at once. Well, White takes us back to the sultry streets of Washington Heights with Salt, delivering more of those conflicting emotions, more of the complicated impossibility surrounding the forbidden r ...more

  • Paige

    5+ “Minefield” Stars

    I finished one of the BEST books I will read this year. Hands down and it’s only May. I went to bed thinking about it and woke up thinking about it. I don’t even want to start reading something else because then I’ll have to move on from Salt and I don’t wanna move on.

    Salana and Tiago meet as teenagers. One from wealth and one from the streets, they should seemingly have nothing in common. Yet the pull between them is something that cannot be denied. Over the years they circ

  • Anna

    Good girls make good choices.

    Salt is not for the faint of heart. It is deep. It is beautifully written. Packed with emotions. Early on I wanted to stop reading but I realized that it wasn’t because I didn’t like the book. It was because of the emotional journey it was taking me on. My feelings were all over the place. It was intense, raw, gritty, and sad. I loved the way Mara White developed the characters. So much went into this story! It is told over ten years. The evolution of the main charac

  • Heather❀Book and a Blanket❀

    Mara White brings us a raw and gritty love story of two people who by society's standards should have never fallen in love with each other. This book consumed and enraptured me! It was wickedly sexy while tackling difficult issues of race and social status.

    I love how real this book was. This author doesn't play. She tells it as it is and the naked truth of Tiago's reality was open and evident throughout these pages. Raised by his grandmother in the projects with absent drug addict parents left h

    Because flesh doesn’t know race and class, it only knows need and want, gratification and comfort. And Salana’s body sought him out. Her heart, too, knew where he came from and it didn’t care...

    Salana seeks out Tiago in times of need because she knows he won't judge her and he brings her a sense of comfort that she can't find anywhere else. Despite the tattoos, bling and slouching pants, Tiago is the most caring and upstanding man she knows. All her parents and other people from her world see is a thug but she sees the man that just wants to take care of his grandmother and make a solid life for himself but just doesn't have the resources to make it happen.

    The social injustice is so painful to read. Tiago has completely captured my heart! He is sexy AF and despite his circumstances, this man keeps getting up and pushing forward. He always had a great attitude and an even amazing heart. He was the only one who supported Salana and her dreams even if it was not in his best interest.

    The passion this couple have for each other is so intense. This book was insanely sexy and their attraction was almost animalistic. The sexiness, the touch of forbidden and the struggles this couple had to deal with to get their HEA made this book absolute perfection. Highly recommended!

    5 Stars


    Heat Level: Moderate

    POV: Dual


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