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A Sister's Secret (Reeves Sisters #1)

Savvy and decisive, Burgundy Reeves feels blessed with a good husband and a successful career. She is the sister everyone envies. Since her beloved mother's death, she's given troubled youngest sister, Elyse, a stable home when she needs it most. And she's taken it on herself to keep her contentious siblings together. Under her guidance, they all meet bi-monthly on "Sister Day," a time when they get together to bond, to receive a challenging "assignment," and to cope with a range of things--including their many differences . . .Among the sisters' most challenging assignments: tell the truth. But truthfulness leads to an unveiling of secrets that may destroy lives. Burgundy is struggling to show Coco the real deal about her unreliable baby daddy. If she and level-headed Drucilla can also convince hard-headed eldest sister Alita to give Coco more love than tough talk, that might heal a longtime rift. But it's teenage Elyse's truth that will shatter Burgundy's perfect world beyond repair. And putting the pieces back together could make the sisters stronger together than ever--or pull them apart for good....

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A Sister's Secret (Reeves Sisters #1) Reviews

  • Shaunni

    I really liked this book.It kinda rambled, but I liked it... Ready for part 2!

  • Hyacinth

    Uhm, this book didn't quite do it for me. I like Cydney Rax as a writer. I've read a couple of her other books. For an experienced writer, I was surprised to see the number of errors that I saw. Some of it was predictable. I was mad throughout the book, lol. I hollered at some of the characters. That was good though because I was into the story. I hated Nate. I think my dislike was the abuse. I hate any type of abuse and the fact that no one saw it. I will read the sequel though. I need to know ...more

  • Burgundy

    5 sisters and one sisters secret. This book was really good. I can't say I had a favorite character But my nsmesake Burgundy worked my nerves beyond belief. She was just so perfect. perfect life, perfect work, perfect kids, Just too darn perfect or was she. These sisters even though they were close sometimes acted as if they hated each other. Alot jealousy. Read this book you will be entertained.

  • Shannan Harper

    An intense and drama filled story about the Reeves sisters, Alita, Burgandy, CoCo, Drusilla and Elyse. After their mother's death, they vowed to stick together and have a monthly sister's day to try and work out their problems with each other. This book will take you through a lot of emotions and make you want to slap a couple of people. This book was truly a page turner, and I can't wait for the next book in the series. Thank you to net for such a great story.

  • Gwen

    Five sisters with unique challenges made a promise to their mother to remain in contact with each other. The book started off as a slow read but quickly picked up full speed and zoomed toward a climactic, heart pounding first book suspensive cliff hanger. The sisters’ personalities ranged from the appearance of a well educated and financially successful sister to one who was an insecure, unemployed and overbearing divorced parent of an upcoming basketball athlete. One sister was mentioned but ba ...more

  • Kathleen Gray

    There's a LOT of drama here. These sisters- Burgundy, Elise, Coco, Dru, and Alita- all have secrets, many many secrets. Some of those secrets could hurt other sisters but some of them hurt only themselves. I wondered when these would have come out if their mom hadn't died (of course but likely not so quickly.). This is a quick read about women who have committed to each other. You'll probably like one of the sisters more than the others but all of them have positives. Thanks to Netgalley for the ...more

  • Cristie Underwood

    Burgundy, Elise, Coco, Dru, and Alita are sisters that promise to look out for one another after their mother's death. This is complicated by the secrets each sister is hiding. As the first book of a new series, I thought the author did an amazing job of drawing me in and making me look forward to the second book. This was also a super quick read and very enjoyable!

  • Ian Wooder

    I can honestly say that I didn't finish A Sister's Secret by Cydney Rax.

    I truly am sorry Ms. Rax. I am sure that it is a good read however, as hard as I tried to get into this book I couldn't due to the culture revealed in A Sister's secret. I just couldn't relate to the situations or the cultures discussed.

    This book is about a family of 5 African-American Sisters, from what seems a lower middle class, dealing with issues regarding marriages and parenting, at least that was being discussed up to