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Carol Evers is a woman with a dark secret. She has died many times . . . but her many deaths are not final: They are comas, a waking slumber indistinguishable from death, each lasting days.Only two people know of Carols eerie condition. One is her husband, Dwight, who married Carol for her fortune, andwhen she lapses into another comaplots to seize it by proclaiming her dead and quickly burying her . . . alive. The other is her lost love, the infamous outlaw James Moxie. When word of Carols dreadful fate reaches him, Moxie rides the Trail again to save his beloved from an early, unnatural grave.And all the while, awake and aware, Carol fights to free herself from the crippling darkness that binds hersummoning her own fierce will to survive. As the players in this drama of life and death fight to decide her fate, Carol must in the end battle to save herself....

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Unbury Carol Reviews

  • Kelly (and the Book Boar)

    Find all of my reviews at:


    You ready???? Okay . . . . .

    Carol is “dead” – her evil husband (who was TOTALLY Justin LaMonte in my brain). Sidenote (yes already a sidenote): Do y’all know who Justin Lamonte is? Probably not because you’re not ancient, but if you too are old you might remember him as a super douchebag from North and South . . . .

    Anyway, Justin Lamonte Dwight wants to get Carol in the dirt stat so he can ha

  • Annet

    Gotta think about this... Storyline is unique, definitely has potential.... the telling is brooding, a creepy tale... Oh, this author's previous book, Bird Box, wew, was so very good! But this one just seemed to drag on a bit too much for me. Fastread/skipped a couple parts I admit. Mmm.... gotta think. No doubt this author is good, with a great imagination. Three and a bit, but no four star I'm afraid. Sleep on it I will, without fear of being buried alive ;-) More to follow.

  • Cody | codysbookshelf

    Being an active Goodreads user, I put great importance on writing and, especially, reading reviews. I will admit reviews definitely impact what I choose to read: my TBR is long and I want to read the best books possible. Unbury Carol, the upcoming release from Josh Malerman, has not been getting good reviews — especially from my friends, people I trust in the GR community. Since his book was chosen as the second Nightworms read, however, I had no choice but to jump in and hope for the best.

    And w

  • Dan Schwent

    Carol Evers suffers from a bizarre condition: at times of stress, she lapses into a coma that closely resembles death, only she can hear what's going on around her. Now she's in one of her comas and her husband is planning on burying alive. The only man that can save her is a notorious outlaw that ran from her and her condition years ago, James Moxie...

    Josh Malerman is all the rage these days. What better way to give him a shot than a Netgalley ARC of his upcoming book!

    Unbury Carol takes place i

  • Kimberly

    2.5 stars.

    UNBURY CAROL, by Josh Malerman is a difficult book for me to review. On one hand, his writing is very nice and fluid (in parts), but overall, the repetition of certain phrases had me practically rolling my eyes by the end.

    The premise of this story is very original. Carol has a rare condition that causes her to go into a coma for days at a time, appearing dead. Now married to someone who only wants her money, he plans on making her next "death" the "real deal". Enter an "outlaw/boyfrien

  • Rebecca McNutt

    Unbury Carol is just like something Stephen King would dream up, but unlike most modern horror stories it doesn't dwell much into the supernatural and instead gives a more realistic scenario. With a greedy husband willing to do the unthinkable for money, Carol, who falls into comas that can last for up to days at a time, might end up dead if she can't be resourceful enough to save herself. With the help of an outlaw who suspects that something terrible is going on, there might still be hope for ...more

  • Marvin

    Anyone who reads my review knows that I am heads over heels in love with the novels of Josh Malerman. You must believe me when I say I am not being paid to say that. He is that good. His first novel was Bird Box which is the type of horror novel veteran writers would give their non-dominant arm for. The second novel, Mad Black Wheel, is just as good. Now we have his third novel, Unbury Carol and, for reasons to be related soon, it is the most unusual of the three and the most exciting in many wa ...more

  • Michael Hicks

    DNF at 15%. This one is just not clicking with me at all, and Malerman's latched onto certain words he repeats ad naseum. Every single character, apparently, must utter the phrase "Hell's heaven" in every conversation they have (word search shows 45 instances of this throughout the book). And if I have to be told one more time that John Moxie is an outlaw, I'm going to break my Kindle. Word search shows 150 instances of the word "outlaw" cropping up, and I just don't think I can take it. One sec ...more