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Invisible Ghosts

Rose Asher believes in ghosts. She should, since she has one for a best friend: Logan, her annoying, Netflix-addicted brother, who is forever stuck at fifteen. But Rose is growing up, and when an old friend moves back to Laguna Canyon and appears in her drama class, things get complicated.Jamie Aldridge is charming, confident, and a painful reminder of the life Rose has been missing out on since her brother's death. She watches as Jamie easily rejoins their former friends--a group of magnificently silly theater nerds--while avoiding her so intensely that it must be deliberate.Yet when the two of them unexpectedly cross paths, Rose learns that Jamie has a secret of his own, one that changes everything. Rose finds herself drawn back into her old life--and to Jamie. But she quickly starts to suspect that he isn't telling her the whole truth.All Rose knows is that it's becoming harder to choose between the boy who makes her feel alive and the brother she isn't ready to lose....

Title : Invisible Ghosts
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ISBN : 9780062568106
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Invisible Ghosts Reviews

  • Antara Raisa Khan

    For a book that dealt with grief, death and learning to let go, it lacked depth. Reminded me of all the reasons why I avoid coming-of-age novels these days.

  • Laura

    This book would have gotten 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact that it had the dreaded YA phrase "I let out a breath I didn't know i'd been holding" in it 3 times.

  • Teenreadsdotcom

    Rose Asher has a secret. She can see the ghost of her older brother who now forever remains stuck at 15. This reality has caused Rose to hide away within her high school. She has sequestered herself with the “Mean Girls,” remaining a shadow in their wake, and thus abandoning her old group of theater friends. Going into her junior year of high school, everything changes with the return of Jamie Aldridge. This boy from Rose’s past has a secret. Upon Rose’s discovery, she and Jamie are brought clos ...more

  • Jenna

    Review to come.

  • Aishwarya

    This is one of those books which have an amazing theme, good characters, great relationships but the writing style messes things up.

    I loved the relationship between the characters. Rose and Jamie were adorable but there were soo many loose threads. Also, there were soo many parts wherein the characters seemed too childish. For example, when Jamie fell down and dislocated his shoulder his first thought was to google what to do next. I actually thought he was being sarcastic until they started loo

  • Kayla

    This was such a haunting book.. see what I did there?

    I was really moved with the relationships and romance and just everything in this book!

  • Jaime Arkin

    I really enjoy Robyn Schneider’s writing and story-telling style, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that I really loved this book!

    Rose has been living with a secret. She sees ghosts… more specifically, one, her brother Logan, who died at 15. Since his death, Rose has pushed aside anything and everything to spend time him. She’s stuck with a group of friends she barely tolerates and sees only at school, until a long-lost friend returns.

    Jamie used to be the boy next door. They were frie

  • Elyse

    I love me some Robyn Schneider. This book is fantastic - ghosts, love, and loads of nerdy references.