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I Really Didn't Think This Through: Tales from My So-Called Adult Life

Did you ever wish your best friendthe person you would trust with your innermost secrets, the person whose wisdom and comfort you seek in times of stress or self-doubtcould draw?Like Mindy Kaling meets Hyperbole and a Half, I Really Didnt Think This Through gets at the heart of what makes life both so challenging and so joyfulfiguring out how to be a person in the world. Armed with her beloved illustrations, popular Instagram artist Beth Evans tackles a range of issuesfrom whimsical musings to deeply personal strugglesin this imaginative anti-guide to being your own person.This book is a compendium of Beths collected wisdom and stories, interwoven with her tremendously popular and loveable illustrations. The book is a wonderful mix of fun (playful meditations on the band Rush and international pen-pals) and thoughtful (Beth delves into her personal history with obsessive compulsive disorder and depression while commiserating on topics like dating and credit card shame) all with a simple candor that anyone from a teen to their grandparent can relate to. Through all of her experiences, Beth manages to extract valuable lessons, and the book is replete with friendly advice about caring for yourself, getting help no matter what your problems are, and embracing what makes you happy. Beth is a compelling storyteller, her drawings picking up where her words leave off, creating an approachable and immersive experience for the reader. Beths work feels like a hug from your best friend. And like a best friend, shes here to say You got this!...

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I Really Didn't Think This Through: Tales from My So-Called Adult Life Reviews

  • Ashley

    Note: This review is based on an ARC. Evans perfectly described, and illustrated, the struggles of young adulthood. From taxes, to relationships, to comparison via social media, she explores the struggles of growing up and finding ones place in the world. The illustrations are funny, not to mention relatable, and the prose in between is just as satisfying. Your life problems won’t necessarily be remedied by reading this book, but you will feel less alone in the silly things keep you up at night ...more

  • Jimmy

    I received a free copy of this book from Library Thing in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    Adulting can be so difficult...especially when you suffer from OCD and anxiety. Beth Evans uses humor and her cartoony comic art to ingest a little levity on a topic that's actually quite serious and not often talked about with seriousness. From the description and the title of the book, I thought this would be a fun jaunt through the misadventures of living an adult life and the dilemmas that can ari

  • Deborah Lane

    Cute, comical and anecdotal in style. Sketches topical, but movement spazzy in relationship to comics. I get it was targeted to younger demographic than me, but appreciated the love thyself concepts. Recommended young adults and older.

  • Desiree

    I wasn't quite sure how well this would go over as an audiobook (which is the format I listened in), but surprisingly I really enjoyed it along with the PDF companion of the drawings.

  • Ashley

    I just felt very very seen in this book.

  • Cheryl

    I liked Beth's fun sense of humor and look at life; especially "adulting". I think any adult wishes they were a kid or at least didn't wish to grow up so fast now that they are in the real world. It is not fun being an adult. Instead of monopoly money, you have real money but unlike monopoly where you can hide your money and come out the winner in the end, you may not have enough money to save due to all the bills you have to pay. Like the Destiny's Child song "Bills, Bills, Bills".

    Than there i

  • Jennifer

    Preface: I received an ARC of this through a Goodreads giveaway.

    I went into this expecting more humor mixed in with the challenges of adult life and mental health. (The back of the book compares it to Mindy Kaling and Hyperbole and a Half.) Ultimately, I think it's best to view the book as a self-help memoir.

    Though it is not being marketed as such, it seems like it would be a good read for teens/young adults because it's a quick read due to both the multitude of drawings and simple language. Th

  • Kyleigh

    3.5 stars