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Donovan was shot by a cop. For jaywalking, supposedly. Actually, for arguing with a cop while black. Four of the nine shots were lethal--or would have been, if their target had been anybody else. The Foundation picked him up, brought him back, and trained him further. "Lethal" turns out to be a relative term when magic is involved.When Marci was fifteen, she levitated a paperweight and threw it at a guy she didn't like. The Foundation scooped her up for training too."Hippie chick" Susan got well into her Foundation training before they told her about the magic, but she's as powerful as Donovan and Marci now.They can teleport themselves thousands of miles, conjure shields that will stop bullets, and read information from the remnants of spells cast by others days before.They all work for the secretive Foundation...for minimum wage.Which is okay, because the Foundation are the good guys. Aren't they?...

Title : Good Guys
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ISBN : 9780765396372
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 320 pages
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Good Guys Reviews

  • Marlene

    Originally published at Reading Reality

    If you take Magic Ex Libris by Jim C. Hines SPI Files by Lisa Shearin, Paranormal Scene Investigations by Laura Anne Gilman, and mix them with a bit of cold war spy fiction and a heaping helping of noir, you’ll get something like Good Guys.

    Both SPI Files and Paranormal Scene Investigations involve organizations that investigate and clean up after crimes in magical versions of our own world. Libriomancer and its Magic Ex Libris series are part of the mix bec

  • Bookwraiths

    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.

    Good Guys is an urban fantasy take by Steven Brust, author of the Vlad Taltos fantasy series; it is light, fast-paced, and readable in the vein of other detective focused UF out there. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this Brust novel as interesting as his fantasy offerings, so much so, in fact, that I kept finding reasons to put off writing a review. But, at the end of the day, I decided to put my views on the screen since everyone who wants to deserves an opportu

  • Chip

    3.75 stars. A very quick read, somewhat reminiscent of Brust’s early Vlad Taltos books - slightly hard boiled. Also dialogue, rather than description, heavy - like Gregory McDonald’s Fletch (but decidedly less constant humor). Enjoyable enough, but I don’t think anything that’s going to stick with me.

  • Kate Stone

    It’s hard to separate multiple kinds of impressions of this book into a coherent review. Maybe from another author I’d think this was a promising four-star start with some rough edges, but from Brust it’s merely interesting with significant flaws.

    The context for the story was certainly intriguing, with yet another take on our world where magic exists and is hidden from most people’s awareness. It’s not a simplistic fantasy or alternate take on a Dresden-files like world, but something more subtl

  • Nick Spacek

    my new way for judging if a book is worth sticking with is whether or not it trusts you as a reader. if a modern novel begins 'it all started when ...' or some variation of that, it can fuck right off. good guys kicks off in media res, and while there are flashbacks and a bit of expository dialogue sprinkled through brust's novel, the author trusts that he's a good enough storyteller and that you're a smart enough reader to catch on to what he's doing.

    it's a detective thriller with magic, basica

  • Steven Burnap

    His new urban fantasy books don't pull me in as much as the Vlad books. There's some interesting stuff around ethics...the magical organizations in the book feel far more like real world organizations than your typical "good wizards" vs. "bad wizards". Some of the characters are a bit flat. In general it felt like we didn't get enough time to settle into the world before we getting the intricate "who did what to who when" stuff.

  • Chris

    *copy from Netgalley in exchange for a review*

    Good Guys is a new urban fantasy novel from Steven Brust. Brust is the author of the long running Jhereg fantasy series. Urban fantasy is, thus, a slight departure for him, but I’m happy to report that it’ a rather fun read, and one which is willing and able to explore the ethical and moral dimensions of what are, in effect, magical powers.

    The world is one familiar to any of us. Late-stage capitalism rules the roost. It’s our world, fast cars, skyscr

  • Bradley

    Fairly light UF superhero fiction with traditional powers, relics, and mystery.

    Of course, it's fueled by quasi-governmental agencies and assassinations that may or may not be justified, but the real joy in the novel comes from the mystery.


    Increasingly interesting and gory effects murder.

    But to whom? And why?

    The guilty. :) You know all those bank people who busted the economy, or the a-holes who focused on all their specialty pet projects but completely ignored the plights of the common