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The Last Black Unicorn

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERFrom stand-up comedian, actress, and breakout star of Girls Trip, Tiffany Haddish, comes The Last Black Unicorn, a sidesplitting, hysterical, edgy, and unflinching collection of (extremely) personal essays, as fearless as the author herself.Growing up in one of the poorest neighborhoods of South Central Los Angeles, Tiffany learned to survive by making people laugh. If she could do that, then her classmates would let her copy their homework, the other foster kids she lived with wouldnt beat her up, and she might even get a boyfriend. Or at least she could make enough moneyas the paid school mascot and in-demand Bar Mitzvah hype womanto get her hair and nails done, so then she might get a boyfriend. None of that worked (and shes still single), but it allowed Tiffany to imagine a place for herself where she could do something she loved for a living: comedy. Tiffany cant avoid being funnyits just who she is, whether shes plotting shocking, jaw-dropping revenge on an ex-boyfriend or learning how to handle her newfound fame despite still having a broke persons mind-set. Finally poised to become a household name, she recounts with heart and humor how she came from nothing and nowhere to achieve her dreams by owning, sharing, and using her pain to heal others. By turns hilarious, filthy, and brutally honest, The Last Black Unicorn shows the world who Tiffany Haddish really ishumble, grateful, down-to-earth, and funny as hell. And now, shes ready to inspire others through the power of laughter....

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The Last Black Unicorn Reviews

  • Jenny (adultishbooks)

    I LOVE Tiffany Haddish. So, I’m totally biased.

    I laughed so hard at this book but it also had a great heart to it. Tiffany has been through a lot in her life but she chooses to see the good and positive in it. Tiffany is a great storyteller so she could make a mundane story interesting and funny. I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to everyone.

    I also found out that Tucker Max co-wrote the book and that’s is an interesting and perfect combo. A guilty pleasure of mine is Tucker Max and I f

  • Kat

    I think Tiffany Haddish is hilarious and beautiful and wonderful; however, this book is terrible.

    This might not be a popular opinion, but I thought this book was disgusting. Not just because she shits in a shoe (she does) but because as another reviewer noted, Haddish showed "such an in-depth level of ugliness and ignorance" that I couldn't make myself finish this one.

    Her descriptions of her encounters with a larger woman, a Jewish man, and a disabled co-worker were extremely offensive. In the a

  • Meredith B

    4 Stars!

    First off, I want to say that I love Tiffany Haddish. I think she's someone who is famous that is always authentically themselves and she always will be. She's a newer breakout star, so I didn't know much about her but this really shed some light into her past life and it was incredibly real and raw.

    This book starts out with Tiffany's family and jobs as she was growing up. She didn't have the best life - her mom was (still kinda is) crazy and Tiffany never quite felt accepted in the fami

  • Carla ☺Did I Say That☺

    Awwwh...Hell Yeah..Tiffany!!!

    ..This book was funny as shit!!.. IMO..get the audiobook..listening to her tell this story is priceless!!!

  • Obsidian

    Well. I do love Tiffany Haddish. I have been so happy to see how popular she has gotten and wish her nothing but success. That said, this memoir was lacking in a lot of ways for me. Parts of it were funny and parts just made me want to find her and give her a hug. This entire memoir is raw. It is also real and you are going to read about a lot of things that may make you cringe and wonder how in the world did Haddish even get through the things she did. I think that the narrative style is ultima ...more

  • britt_brooke

    Tiffany Haddish has been through a lot in her life. A very turbulent childhood didn’t very well prepare her to be the best decision-maker as an adult, yet she did preserve and become successful. I commend her hard work and tenacity, but, goddamn, she has an excessively filthy motherfucking mouth and that shit was off putting.

  • Krista Regester

    Tiffany Haddish is a one of a kind, strong, beautiful, hilarious woman. What she has gone through in her life has truly made her into what she is today, but it’s still heartbreaking that she had to go through it. The first half of her book was about her childhood, her family, her introduction to comedy, and her relationships. I found myself laughing aloud so hard that I had tears running down my face. I couldn’t believe what was coming out of her mouth. It wasn’t just about the story either – it ...more

  • L.J. Shen

    So good it's not even funny.

    Well, actually, it is really, really funny.

    Listen to the audiobook if you can. I didn't know Tiffany Haddish's work before, but I try to listen to a variety of genres and this book had a great rating. I'm not surprised. This woman's story is inspiring and heartbreaking. She is hilarious and so, so real.

    5 stars.