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Not That I Could Tell

When a group of neighborhood women gathers, wine in hand, around a fire pit where their backyards meet one Saturday night, most of them are just ecstatic to have discovered that their baby monitors reach that far. Its a rare kid-free night, and theyre giddy with it. They drink too much, and the conversation turns personal.By Monday morning, one of them is gone.Everyone knows something about everyone else in the quirky small Ohio town of Yellow Springs, but no one can make sense of the disappearance. Kristin was a sociable twin mom, college administrator, and doctors wife who didnt seem all that bothered by her impending divorceand the investigation turns up more questions than answers, with her husband, Paul, at the center. For her closest neighbor, Clara, the incident triggers memories she thought shed put behind herand when shes unable to extract herself from the widening circle of scrutiny, her own suspicions quickly grow. But the neighborhoods newest addition, Izzy, is determined not to jump to any conclusionsespecially since shes dealing with a crisis of her own.As the police investigation goes from a media circus to a cold case, the neighbors are forced to reexamine whats going on behind their own closed doorsand to ask how well anyone really knows anyone else....

Title : Not That I Could Tell
Author :
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ISBN : 9781250107886
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 320 pages
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Not That I Could Tell Reviews

  • Chloe

    A group of neighborhood women enjoy a late night out without kids sharing wine and secrets having a good time.The next morning though one of them disappears with her kids and all of them are left wondering if Kristen ran off or if her ex-husband had .something to do with their disappearance. Each of the women deal with Kristen’s disappearance in their own way and with more secrets revealed they all question if they ever knew their neighbor at all

    This is my first book by Jessica Strawser and I t

  • Larry H

    4.5 stars, rounded up.

    Boy, do I love a little bit of soapy neighborhood melodrama and mystery...

    "It's no great accomplishment to get someone to believe a lie. It's not that hard, really. Look at me: doctor's wife, working mom, good neighbor. You've already summed me up, haven't you? You're already filling in the blanks. But whatever you're writing there, it's not the truth. And that's fine by me. It's easier, knowing you don't know me at all."

    One Saturday night, a group of female neighbors gets

  • Shannon

    Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser was exactly what I needed after just finishing an extremely dark book. I would describe this as a light mystery. The story reads with multiple POVs which is always a winner with me!

    Motherhood, relationships, friendships, secrets, betrayal oooo yes!

    Five women gather around a bonfire for a girls night in their neighborhood. Baby monitors in hand they get to talking and drinking... lots of drinking. It’s all fun and games until the massive hangovers hit th

  • Cindy Burnett

    4.5 stars

    Writing a review of Not That I Could Tell without including any spoilers is tricky so I will keep it short and sweet. The book is fabulous. Strawser focuses on the relationships between a group of woman and the question of how well one human can know another. As the story unfolds, some aspects are clear from the beginning, but the question of what has happened to Kristen dominates the book. As another reviewer mentioned, I thought I knew where the story was headed and was quite pleasant

  • Taryn

    3.5 stars. Six women gather in a neighbor's backyard for a casual evening of drinking and conversation. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but by sunrise one of the women and her two young children are missing. Law enforcement and media swarm the neighborhood, while the women rack their brains trying to remember if anything odd happened the night before. What happened to Kristin and her twins? Did she run away or did someone harm them? Could her soon-to-be ex-husband be to blame?

    You probably t

  • Carol (Bookaria)

    One Saturday night, a group of women get together on a backyard to have a few drinks and relax. They are neighbors and look forward to taking a break from the routine. However, a couple of days later they are all shocked to learn that Kristin -one of the women who went to the bonfire- is missing. 

    The novel explores how each of the neighbors deals with Kristin's disappearance, specially Clara, a wife and mother, and Izzy, the newest person to have moved into the neighborhood.

    The novel takes place

  • Bkwmlee

    3.5 stars

    After having read and enjoyed Jessica Strawser’s debut novel Almost Missed You early last year, I was excited when I heard she would have a second book out. I remember pulling an “all-nighter” for her first book, as it was such a gripping read that I couldn’t bring myself to put it down. Not surprising then that I went into her second book Not That I Could Tell with high expectations, which in hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have. While I wouldn’t say that I was disappointed, since

  • Melisa

    This is a story of friendship in the suburbs, secrets and lies and a neighbor who goes missing after a night around the campfire.

    The author has gotten life in the suburbs with young children spot on (I speak from experience!) and it was a believable tale of something that could definitely happen in my neighborhood. In fact, for me, it was its strongest point - what if this happened to you? How would you handle it? What would you do?

    I wish this one would have been categorized General Fiction/Wom