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I Am Watching You

What would it take to make you intervene?When Ella Longfield overhears two attractive young men flirting with teenage girls on a train, she thinks nothing of ituntil she realises they are fresh out of prison and her maternal instinct is put on high alert. But just as shes decided to call for help, something stops her. The next day, she wakes up to the news that one of the girlsbeautiful, green-eyed Anna Ballardhas disappeared.A year later, Anna is still missing. Ella is wracked with guilt over what she failed to do, and shes not the only one who cant forget. Someone is sending her threatening lettersletters that make her fear for her life.Then an anniversary appeal reveals that Annas friends and family might have something to hide. Annas best friend, Sarah, hasnt been telling the whole truth about what really happened that nightand her parents have been keeping secrets of their own.Someone knows where Anna isand theyre not telling. But they are watching Ella....

Title : I Am Watching You
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ISBN : 9781543617665
Format Type : Audio CD
Number of Pages : 300 pages
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I Am Watching You Reviews

  • Deanna

    I listened to this audiobook at the beginning of January. As soon as I was done, I typed my review into a Word document. However, I can't find it anywhere now. I also deleted all of my notes (since I was done my review).

    So I am going to try my best!

    I am still relatively new to audiobooks but I'm starting to enjoy them. I find them perfect to listen to while doing chores or when I'm in the car. It's also nice to give my eyes a break sometimes.

    I was really intrigued after reading the descriptio

  • Sheri

    A fast, enjoyable read that held my interest but ultimately left me disappointed. The final reveal lacked excitement for me. All the build-up and backstories were suspenseful and they definitely served their purpose, but the resolution was rushed and unanticipated.

    Every character had something they were hiding which made for a good suspect list. I had to keep reading because the next chapter might be the one where the really big secret was revealed. While I was able to pick up some little thing

  • Carrie

    Ella Longfield was on her way home on the train when she notices two young girls flirting with two men that she is sure are just out of prison. Ella is of course concerned and debates on what she should do to make sure the girls are safe. Should she call someone? Approach them? But as the trip goes on one thing leads to another and Ella finds herself home without having done anything. The next morning she awakens to see on the news that one of the girls, Anna, had gone missing the night before. ...more

  • Bharath Ramakrishnan

    I picked this book after reading some reviews on goodreads. Also, it has been some time since I read a suspense novel.

    I was not disappointed. “I am watching you” sustains a good pace throughout the book. It drops a few distractions for you as good suspense novels should and then a twist – well near the end of the novel.

    The story stands with Ella who is on a train to London and is a witness to a disturbing scene where two young girls – Anna and Sarah get close to a couple of young men who have j

  • Brooke (Brooke's Books and Brews)

    I Am Watching You was an excellent psychological thriller. It was gripping and kept me guessing to the end. I have mentioned in my reviews before that I pride myself on being able to guess who the murderer is in most thrillers. I was not able to figure the ending out for this book.

    Ella is riding on a train in London where she witnesses two teenagers flirting with two men. She is overcome with a feeling of unease when she sees these men chatting with these girls. She even considers attempting to

  • Malia

    Unfortunately, this was a it of a meh read for me. So many people and POV's (which I usually enjoy), and shifts between first and third person muddled up the plot for me and even though the writing was good, I never felt the characters developed very much apart from Ella. I was definitely intrigued by the story, but by the half-way point, found myself a little confused and not terribly invested. Still, I wanted to know how it would end and what had actually happened to Anna, the missing girl. Th ...more

  • Candace

    Review to come.

  • Kristine

    This was my first thriller/mystery in a long time and I really really enjoyed it. I did not see "who dun it" coming it was a complete surprise. The book dealt with a variety of issues in a mostly positive and constructive way. The build up to the end was very well done and engaging but once it was all revealed I felt a little deflated and let down. It wasn't followed through as well as I had hope and expected given the build up