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THE FEED by Nick Clark Windo is a startling and timely debut which presents a world as unique and vividly imagined as STATION ELEVEN and THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS and explores what it is to be human in the digital age. It makes us. It destroys us. The Feed is everywhere. It can be accessed by anyone, at any time. Every interaction, every emotion, every image can be shared through it.Tom and Kate use The Feed, but they have resisted addiction to it. And this will serve them well when The Feed collapses.Until their six-year-old daughter, Bea, goes missing.Because how do you find someone in a world devoid of technology? And what happens when you can no longer trust that your loved ones are really who they claim to be?...

Title : The Feed
Author :
Rating :
ISBN : 9781472241894
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 355 pages
Url Type : Home » Download » The Feed
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The Feed Reviews

  • Jenny in Neverland

    The Feed is, to put it simply, an exceptionally elaborate and advanced form of social media. But instead of on an iPhone or a laptop, it’s all ingrained in your head and you can access anything, anyone and everything instantaneously. It’s addictive and life-altering and it’s gone so far that most humans can’t function without it. Then one day, it collapses and everyone is offline. Our main characters, Tom and Kate manage without it and find a way to survive with their daughter, Bea and a camp of ...more

  • Melissa

    Nick Clark Window's debut novel, The Feed, is a post-apocalyptic 'thriller' where society's reliance on the Feed- basically a computer chip that is implanted in the brain, making real life communication and reading, among other things, obsolete- is to such an extent that when it mysteriously collapses, the world is brought back to an uncivilized and crude state. In this new world, we follow Tom, the son of the Feed's inventor, and his wife Kate as they attempt to survive with no knowledge of how ...more

  • Figgy


    Elements of stories like Walking Dead and others that I can't mention because of spoilers... but, you know what, not entirely engaging or amazing, even though I quite enjoy the shows and books that clearly inspired this one.

    The writing is... fine. But the character building is pretty much non-existent, and the only character I actually related to didn't show up until around half-way through. Also... the "chapters" are hundreds of pages long, with scene breaks rather than chapter breaks... a p

  • Ellen

    A stunning debut! I absolutely loved The Feed and have had to leave my review for a day to get over the book hangover it gave me. I was also left with that itchy brain feeling when a book totally gets under your skin and explores the darker locations of your imagination bringing to the surface even darker thoughts.

    The Feed is a cautionary and timely tale of how much we rely on social media; the internet is streamed directly into your brain and your memories/dreams etc are saved in something sim

  • Yzabel Ginsberg

    I started this book beginning of March, I’ve just finished it now (mid-May)… I admit I had a very hard time staying focused and motivated to read it. Perhaps because of the absence of chapters (instead, we have scenes with breaks, and some of the scenes are pretty long), which was a bit of a turn-off for me.

    The story has good themes: survival; the world as we know it ending; a technology (the Feed) both exciting and creepy; people trying to live in a community of their own after the fall; childr

  • Blair

    The prologue of The Feed is a snapshot of future society just as it begins to crumble. As they spend the evening in a restaurant, Tom is trying to persuade his wife Kate to switch off her Feed, if only for a few minutes. The Feed is an invention that's transformed human life, making it possible for everyone to be permanently plugged in to a neverending stream of information and communication, augmenting everything about what one experiences in reality. (Advertisements, for example, no longer exi ...more

  • Stacey Camp

    **5 Goodreads Stars**

    "Who did you first share your thoughts with? It was the most intimate feeling, wasn't it? Nothing between you, no way to lie, just pure and perfect thinking. All of us, plaited together."

    "The space we create, that we forge with our lives - that's what we have to protect. We work hard for such an inconsequential space, but it is absolutely everything to us."

    Nick Clark Windo's The Feed is a beautifully written, darkly intense dystopian novel concerning the future of humankin

  • Betty

    The Feed connected the world, making everything instantly accessible in your mind, thanks to an implant. The implant gave people immediate access to news, social media, and communication. Even memories could be stored for later access. Turning off your feed and "going slow"— living in the moment and talking aloud— wasn't easy. The Feed was addictive, and once you had it, you never wanted to be without it. So it's no surprise that when the Feed collapsed, the world collapsed right along with it.