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The Heart Forger (The Bone Witch #2)

In The Bone Witch, Tea mastered resurrectionnow she's after revenge...No one knows death like Tea. A bone witch who can resurrect the dead, she has the power to take life...and return it. And she is done with her self-imposed exile. Her heart is set on vengeance, and she now possesses all she needs to command the mighty daeva. With the help of these terrifying beasts, she can finally enact revenge against the royals who wronged herand took the life of her one true love.But there are those who plot against her, those who would use Tea's dark power for their own nefarious ends. Because you can't kill someone who can never die...War is brewing among the kingdoms, and when dark magic is at play, no one is safe....

Title : The Heart Forger (The Bone Witch #2)
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ISBN : 9781492635857
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 528 pages
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The Bone Witch Bone Witch Series by Rin Chupeco Editorial Reviews In this ambitious fantasy, the start of the Bone Witch series, a young woman with the ability to raise and control the dead becomes Rin Chupeco The Bone Witch series The Heart Forger In The Bone Witch, Tea mastered resurrection now she s after revenge No one knows death like Tea A bone witch Gangster Nicknames for badass Guys and Girls Nicknames we have compiled a big list of cool gangster nicknames for both Guys and Girls Every nickname explains the Personality of gangster, so choose wisely. March New Releases Patricia Briggs, Karen Marie Responses to March New Releases Patricia Briggs, Karen Marie Moning, J.R Ward, Jay Kristoff, Anne Bishop, Seanan McGuire and Fantasy Cafe Reviews of Fantasy and Science Fiction The Heart Forger The Bone Witch by Rin Chupeco The sequel to the young adult fantasy The Bone Witch was released earlier this year hardcover, ebook, audiobook. Release Schedule FirstShowing Official theatrical release schedule for all upcoming films in the year We tediously check and update this list to make sure the dates are % accurate. OMAHA Kit Keeper The Omaha Public Library s book group collection has titles. Watch Free Full Movies on t for free teaser trailers Full movies on t The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Novels of the Seventeenth Century Novels of the Seventeenth Century For news on the latest reviews, author interviews and additions to this website, see the blog Jump to The British Isles and North Mask of Shadows Mask of Shadows Series by An intriguing world and a fantastically compelling main character make for a can t miss debut Miller s Mask of Shadows will make you glad you re not an assassin and

The Heart Forger (The Bone Witch #2) Reviews

  • Cindy

    5 stars

    - I loved it I loved it I loved it. It wasn't slow at all. The tone is slow and languid, but this time the actual plot doesn't drag. There was action and death and lots and lots of magic and court politics (which I lovee)

    - The writing again is so beautiful. It's lush and descriptive and beautiful. The characters are so complex and layered. Plus there are so many important messages that you can draw from the book! 

    - I love Tea! She's the perfect protagonist. She's extremely flawed too. She

  • Shelley

    *Source* Edelweiss

    *Genre* Young Adult / Fantasy

    *Rating* 4.0


    The Heart Forger is the second installment in author Rin Chupeco's The Bone Witch series. Rin Chupeco returns to the atmospheric and enchanting fantasy world she created that follows in the footsteps of the series starter, The Bone Witch. This captivating fantasy series features Persian and Asian influences, while focusing on witches, curses, and resurrection. The author once again explores protagonist Tea Pahlavi's past and pr

  • Sarah

    I loved The Bone Witch so The Heart Forger was high up on my wish list for 2018 releases and I'm happy to say it surpassed all expectations. It took all the things I loved about the first book and then ramped them up to an even higher level, this book was much faster paced, had far more action, lots of twists and some fantastic monsters. I know some people didn't like the the slower pace of the first book but I thought that Rin Chupeco laid a brilliant foundation and helped to create a fascinati ...more

  • Karissa

    4.5 stars

    This is the second book in the Bone Witch trilogy. I absolutely loved the first book in this series. I ended up really enjoying the second book as well.

    The story again jumps between the present and the past. I still enjoyed this format quite a bit. There wasn't quite as much mystery and suspense in this book as in the first one because the present and past really start to come together as the story continues.

    This book continues to have amazing world-building, a story that keeps you gue

  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin

    Omg! I loved it! I still don't understand some things but who cares! And I will never forget starting the book while waiting to get my Pet CT scan all radiated up and drinking some stuff an hour before scan. I'm in the Upside Down!

    It was so freaking good!! I want the next one now.

    And this cover is even more beautiful then the first book. I wonder what the third book will look like!

    Happy Reading Peeps!

    Mel 🖤🐾🐺

  • Jodie Humphrey

    Unfortunately this second instalment in The Bone Witch series was such a disappointment for me when compared with the first book.

    Which is such a shame as I absolutely LOVED the first one with a passion, wrote it a glowing review, have been recommending it to everyone, and have been eagerly waiting to see what would happen next for about year and a half.

    Now I wouldn’t say this was a BAD book.

    It’s perfectly fine.

    It’s alright.

    It just didn’t at all match up to my fierce love of the first book.

  • Aneta Bak

    I adored The Bone Witch, but I absolutely fell in love with The Heart Forger. This book was everything I wanted and more. I can't even describe how perfect it was.

    Tea has finally completed her army of the dead and daeva, and with Kalen and the Bard with her, she is finally read to star her war. As Tea and her army march towards Daanoris to begin her revenge, Tea continues explaining her story to the Bard starting from the time when Prince Kance fell ill with the sleeping sickness, and Tea was bl

  • Kaycee Bowick (Off_The_Press)

    The Bone Witch Series

    1.) The Bone Witch ★★★.5

    2.) The Heart Forger ★★★★.5

    You know... I was reading over the synopsis on Goodreads just now and feel like it really doesn't hold a flame to the events in this novel. Yet here I sit.. unable to come up with an adequate synopsis myself. So let's just cut to the chase--If you are reading this review, then you have more than likely already read The Bone Witch. You know the clifhanger. You know where the story is headed. You know the reasons you are pick